XC Update 8/10-8/16

Hi everyone,

As most of you have seen or heard, the 2020 XC season has been pushed back to late February. The season will go through late April just in time for the Track season. There are still a lot of details to be worked out and a lot of questions to be answered, but at least we now know that we will have a cross country season. Here is the link to the OSAA article with the details of the changes to sports seasons. http://www.osaa.org/today/article/1797/view?title=OSAA+adopts+New+2020-21+School+Activities+Calendar

Moving forward for this week, we will plan on meeting on Tuesday and Thursday not necessarily for the sake of training but to get the team together, get a nice run in and enjoy hanging out (from a distance). With the season now being so far out, we will be dialing back structured workouts and focusing on running for fun maintaining a solid base. Continue to run easy mileage by feel on the days we don’t meet. I will update everyone as I get more information in regards to what practices might look like moving forward and what this Fall might offer running wise. Check below for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s meet-ups!

         Meet-up Locations

Tuesday 8/11- Pine Nursery @8am.

Thursday 8/13- Mountain View @8am


Go Cougs!



XC Week #5

This week we will have our first team time trial of the season! This will allow everyone to gauge where they are at fitness wise and also tap into that competitive edge. Be sure to prep appropriately so you can run at your best on Tuesday!

Bend Parks and Rec. is now requiring masks for sports teams practicing in parks. Please try and bring a face covering for when we meet as a group before and after our runs/workouts. Once we start the workout the masks can come off. I know it’s another thing to add to the list, but if it keeps us practicing I’ll take it.

Let’s keep bringing a positive attitude and willingness to work hard to practices. This is a great group and I’m excited to see everyone crush it in the time trial on Tuesday! Check out this week’s schedule below. 

Monday 8/3- 30 minutes easy with 4-6 strides afterwards.

Tuesday 8/4- Pine Nursery @8am. Intersquad 2 mile time trial.

Wednesday 8/5- Recovery day. Cross train or recovery run on grass or dirt if possible. Go by feel for pace and distance.

Thursday 8/6- Mountain View @8am. Speed play workout

Friday 8/7- 30-45 minutes recovery run.

Sat/Sun- Rest one day, Longer run the other day. Shoot for 45-60 minutes.

Go Cougs!

XC Week #4

Here we are into Week 4 already! Looks like we get to go back to Pine Nursery and get on some running paths again. I was very impressed with how everyone looked during our whistle drill workout on Thursday! I know it’s early, but everyone handled it very well and looked strong. We will keep adding in light workouts each week, along with a slight increase in mileage. Just so everyone is aware, the latest change to the season is the delay in competitions to September 23rd. The official season will still start in late August, but as of now we will not be able to compete until the end of September. This doesn’t change where we are training wise and we will continue to work hard and be ready for those competitions when they do happen. 

Check out this week’s training schedule below. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Monday 7/27- 30-50 minutes easy on your own. Light Strides.

Tuesday 7/28- 8am @Pine Nursery. Surge run.

Wednesday 7/29- 30-40 minutes recovery run. Foam roll!

Thursday 7/30- 8am @Pine Nursery 

Friday 7/31- 30-45 minutes easy

Saturday/Sunday 8/1- Rest one day. Longer run the other. 40-70 minutes steady depending on your weekly mileage.

Go Cougs!

Summer XC Week 3

Here is the practice/training schedule for week 3. I’m sending this a little early because I am going to be out of cell range for the next few days. Coach Bohnlein will be at Mountain View on Tuesday to get the crew rolling. I will be back Thursday’s practice.

It was fun to see everyone running fast and looking strong during our mini-speed session on Tuesday. I can already tell this group is ready to work hard and start putting in big workouts! We still have to stay patient and not do too much too soon, but keep that motivation high and keep bringing your best to every practice! See you next week.

Monday 7/20– 30-45 minutes easy. 4-6 strides

Tuesday7/21– Mountain View @8am. 30-40 minute progression run. Core work.

Wednesday 7/22– Rest day or 30 minutes recovery run.

Thursday 7/23– Big Sky Park @ 8am. Light Whistle Drills.

Friday 7/24–  Recovery day. Cross train or easy run by feel.

Saturday/Sunday– Rest one day. Longer run on the other, 40-60 minutes.


Go Cougs!

Summer XC Week 2

It was so great to see everyone on Thursday and to get this season rolling! Thank you all for making the pod situation painless and fun. Based on the names that were created on the spot for each pod, I’d say we are going to have fun with it this season for sure! As we get new faces at each practice we will add athletes to pods that have spots to fill. Once we have all 6 groups filled we will create another group. 

Moving on to this week, we will have a practice on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am. Below is the practice info along with a general training plan for the other days we are not running together. As I mentioned on Thursday, we are starting off with 2 days a week as a group to see how it goes. We will hopefully move forward with adding days as things progress. For now, it is important that you get some miles in on the days we don’t meet. Hopefully this training plan gives you an idea of what to shoot for. If you are just starting to train, please listen to your body and take these first few weeks easy to give your body time to adapt. 

Just a reminder to bring a signed waiver to practice if you are starting this week! Covid-19 Activities & Sports Particpation Agreement v3

Looking forward to see you all again this week!

Monday 7/13– 25-45 minutes easy on your own. 4 Light strides.

Tuesday 7/14-  Mountain View @8:00am. Light turnover workout with warm-up and cool-down.

Wednesday 7/15- 30-40 minutes easy recovery run.

Thursday 7/16- Big Sky Park @8:00am. Moderate aerobic run with distance options. Strides.

Friday 7/17- Easy run by feel. 30-45 minutes.

Sat/Sun- Rest one day. Long easy run the other day. 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on where you’re at.


Go Cougs!



XC Summer 2020

Hello Mountain View XC Family,
I hope you are all enjoying your Summer so far and that everyone is doing well!
I apologize for the delay in getting this email out to you all, but I wanted to make sure I had all of the latest information I could before planning summer voluntary practices. We also needed to make sure that practices would work for our coaches throughout the summer so we can have practices safely and follow the District and State guidelines.
As I am sure you have figured out, this summer is going to look different than past summer practices. Below is a list of things that will be different this year. With Covid-19 cases spiking in Oregon, we as a coaching staff along with the School District and OSAA take these precautions seriously. The goal is to be as safe as possible while still having fun and getting some quality training in.
  • All athletes need to have a signed Covid-19 Activities & Sports Participation Agreement waiver before practicing. Yes, even for voluntary practices. I have attached the waiver to this email. Covid-19 Activities & Sports Particpation Agreement v3 
  • The team will be required to divide into 10 athlete pods while we are gathering. Once an athlete is in that pod they cannot switch groups. That will be their pod for the season. This will give us a consistent contact list throughout the year. We will discuss this in greater detail once we start meeting.
  • Our annual overnight team camp at Cultus has unfortunately been canceled, but we plan to do an epic run somewhere different to replace that climb up Cultus Mountain, which I’m sure the kids will miss terribly 😉
  • As far as the rest of the season goes, in terms of meets and official practices. We unfortunately don’t have the information to know what it will look like. We should know more by the end of July.


Our first voluntary practice will be July 9th at 8am @Pine Nursery Park. We will have a lot to cover and will begin forming our 10 athlete pods for the season. If you have not been running, use this week leading up to practice to start getting some easy mileage in. Get into a routine so when you show up to practice it wont be as big of a shock to the system!
I will post the following week’s practice schedule later in the week. Don’t forget to check our team website! https://mvhsxc.com/ 
Moving forward all we can do is take this season week by week and put in those summer miles as we normally would. Let’s work hard and have fun this summer! Let’s focus on what we can control and not what we can’t. This is a very special group and I know we can work through this together. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all and Go Cougs!

District Recap/Banquet details

We finished off the regular season with some very inspired performances that lead to monster PRs and season bests at the district meet in Salem! Everyone left it all out on the course and that’s all you can ask for at the district meet. Please check the link below to see everyones results from Saturday. I thought about listing individual PRs but it is virtually everyone on the team! So check out those killer times on Athletic.net 🙂 Below is also a list of Mountain View athletes that finished with All-Conference honors!

Mountain Valley All-Conference:

  • Chase Schermer (5th)
  • Cole Shockey (18th)
  • Olivia Carpenter (16th)
  • Emily Moore (17th)

Although our Varsity squads missed qualifying for the State meet by narrow margins.  Mountain View XC will be represented by Sophomore Chase Schermer who placed 5th overall and earned an individual qualifying spot to the State meet! Chase will be racing at 3:30pm on Saturday, November 9th at Lane Community College.

Mountain Valley Conference Meet Results: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/159328/results


End of Season Banquet-

When: Wednesday, November 13th @5:30pm

Where: Cascade Indoor Sports, Trampoline Zone, 63040 18th Street, Bend, OR 97701

This year we will be having our Team banquet at Cascade Indoor Sports. Thank you to Roberts Family who are generously letting us use the facility! The plan is to have a more relaxed and casual feel to the event and celebrate a great season by having some fun and recognizing everyone’s hard work. The Trampoline park will be available to play around on upon arrival for the kids and there will be pizza and drinks upstairs. The banquet will once again be free of charge like last year (That’s why we fundraise!) We are asking that each athlete bring some kind of snack/appetizer/dessert to have along with the Pizza. Once the kids have had their fill of trampoline fun and everyone has had some food and visited for a bit, we will hand out awards and watch a fun video of the season that some of the athletes have put together. Please let me know if you plan on attending so we can get a better idea of the number we will have. Thanks!

If you plan on hitting the Trampoline park you must fill out a waiver! Waiver Link is below.




XC Week #11: District Championship Week

Here we are! The week of the District Championship has arrived and this group is ready to roll on Saturday. We have been putting in hard work since July and this is when it all pays off. It is just hard to believe that we are already headed into Championship week! I am so excited to see everyone compete this weekend and see what we can accomplish as a team. Let’s remember to “run all the way through the line” and keep doing the little things in our training and recovery routines this week. Throughout the week, ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to be feeling your best for Saturday. Those little details will be the difference makers come race time.

Parents, lets pack the District course with Cougar XC fans and support these awesome kids! Invite Family and Friends 🙂

See below for important details on meet and practice info.


Mountain Valley 6A District XC Championship: Nov, 2nd. Bush Park, Salem, OR

Depart Mountain View @6am.

Meet Schedule

11:00 am- Varsity Girls

11:45 am- Varsity Boys

12:30 pm- JV Girls

1:15 pm- JV Boys

2:00 pm- Awards Presentation


Week 11 Practice Schedule

Monday 10/28- 4pm @Mtn View. Cutdown Workout. District Goal Setting.

Tuesday 10/29- 4pm @Mtn View. Recovery Run. Team activity.

Wednesday 10/30- 4pm @Mtn View. Light turnover workout.

Thursday 10/31- 4pm @Mtn View. Easy Run followed by Core.

Friday 11/1- 4pm @Mtn View. Pre-Race shakeout. Quality Strides.

Saturday 11/2- Mountain Valley 6A District Championship. Depart Mtn View @6am.


Team Dinner

The Team dinner this week will be at Cody Santaguida’s house immediately after practice on Friday. See below for what to bring.

  • Freshman-Drinks
  • Sophomores- Bread
  • Juniors- Dessert
  • Seniors- Salad

Go Cougs!

XC Week #10 10/21-10/27

We left Warner Pacific with some hardware, lots of PRs and overall fantastic performances all around on a sloppy course in Portland. Everyone raced with confidence and were relaxed heading into the meet, which is exactly what we want to see this time of the season as we head towards our conference meet on November 2nd!

This week is all about putting the finishing touches on our training and race routines before we head into championship race week. We have to stay focused keep doing the little things if we want to be at our best and achieve our goals on race day.

See below for highlights from Warner Pacific and this week’s schedule.

Results from Warner Pacifichttps://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/157379/results

  • JV Girls Bronze- Team Champions with 35 points

The JV girls placed 6 runners in the top 20! Sophia Gonzalez took the win starting the day out strong. Amelia Hartman-Warr (8th), Kinsey Olarrea (10th), Peyten Roberts (11th), Annika Goff (13th), Hai Xing Lewis (18th)

  • JV Boys Bronze- Team Champions with 30 points

The JV Boys placed 7 runners in the top 20! Levi Pichardo won the race with Zach Bergler coming in 2nd for the 1-2 punch. Walte Marquez (6th), Joel Tranby (9th), Brady Pfeiffer (13th), Ben Clawson (15th), Derek Martin (16th)

  • Varsity Girls Bronze- 4th place with 117 points

Olivia Carpenter placed 14th earning top 20 honors. Emily Moore, Bailey Kamperman and Brooke Cummings all placed in the top 30!

  • Varsity Boys Bronze- Team Champions with 82 points

The Varsity Boys placed 5 in the top 30. Chase Schermer(5th), Cole Shockey (14th) and Jack Creech (17th) all earned top 20 honors. Kyle Swenson (21st) and Max Lehr (30th) rounded out scoring in the top 30.


PRs/Season Bests from Warner Pacific

  • Kyle Swenson- 17:50.4 PR
  • Max Lehr- 18:00.2 SB
  • Bailey Kamperman- 21:42.3 SB
  • Brooke Cummings- 21:44.9 SB
  • Shella May Crafton- 22:18 PR
  • Nathan Robbins- 18:26 PR
  • Zach Bergler- 18:59.3 PR
  • Sophia Gonzalez- 23:00.5 SB
  • Annika Goff- 25:31.7 SB
  • Tyler Beecroft- 36:00.4 SB
  • Walter Marquez- 19:35.1 PR
  • Joel Tranby- 19:40.3 SB
  • Ben Clawson- 20:03 PR
  • Derek Martin- 20:03.7 SB
  • Paul Shilling- 21:34.9 SB
  • Nathaniel Diamond- 21:50.1 SB
  • Andrew Rossi- 22:42.3 PR
  • Paolo Aragon- 22:46.3 PR
  • Wyatt Brooker- 22:53.3 PR
  • Aiden Seerley- 23:25.8 PR

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/21- 4pm @Mtn View. Recovery run. Strength Circuit

Tuesday 10/22- 4pm @Mtn View. Workout day.

Wednesday 10/23-4pm @Mtn View. Recovery day. Team Fun Run

Thursday 10/24- 4pm @Mtn View. Aerobic Run. Quality strides

Friday 10/25-No School -Meet at 8:30am @Pine Nursery. Inter-squad 2 mile.

Saturday 10/26- 9:30am @Shevlin Park- Team Long Run

Sunday 10/27- Rest Day

Week #9 10/14-10/20

Thank you to all who came out to the Bobcat XC Festival at COCC on Saturday. Everyone represented well and had a good time racing on a tough course! I had a lot of compliments from parents and members of the other teams about our athletes and XC fans out on the course. Way to represent MVXC!

We are getting to that point of the season where we begin to lower our overall volume. Workouts get shorter and faster, our recovery runs get shorter and we start to sharpen things up for championship season. It is important to continue to stay on top of our recovery routines and take care of our bodies even when we may feel like training is getting easier and energy levels are up from where they have been. Let’s keep our focus and keep working hard all the way to the District Championships!

We have another busy week with Central Oregon Relays on Wednesday and Warner Pacific on Saturday.

Important details below!

Central Oregon Relays: Wednesday 10/16 @3pm- Pine Nursery

Athletes will be released at 1:30 pm and will head to Pine Nursery for the Relays. Costumes are highly encouraged! Will there be a Parent team this year??? 😉

Warner Pacific XC Invite

Due to Homecoming landing on the same day as this meet, we decided to race the earlier races so the athletes can get back in time for the Festivities. Below is the meet schedule for Saturday.

Depart Mtn. View @5:45am

  • JV Bronze Girls- 10am
  • JV Bronze Boys- 10:40am
  • Varsity Bronze Girls- 11:20am
  • Varsity Bronze Boys- 11:50am

Team Dinner

This week’s team dinner will be at the Hassell’s! See below for what to bring.

  • Freshman- Dessert
  • Sophomores- Salad
  • Juniors- Bread
  • Seniors- Drinks

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/14- 4pm @Mtn. View. Track Workout.

Tuesday 10/15- 4pm @Mtn. View. Easy recovery run to Pine Nursery. Cheer on Middle schoolers @Central Oregon Relays

Wednesday-10/16- Central Oregon Relays @3pm

Thursday-10/17- 4pm @Mtn. View. Easy Aerobic Run. Team Activity

Friday-10/18-4pm @Mtn.View. Easy Shakeout run. Quality Strides.

Saturday-10/19- Warner Pacific XC Invite

Sunday- Recovery Day


Week #8 10/7-10/13

We had a great showing at the Oxford Classic on Friday. We had some PRs on a slow course, along with great team performances across the board! Both the Girls and Boys JV Squads earned a 3rd place team Trophy to bring home some hardware! Both varsity teams placed well in their races, with the Girls placing 6th and the boys placing 8th in a very competitive team race. We are starting to see the hard work pay off, especially now that everyone is starting to steer clear of sickness. We still have some work to put in and some racing to do in the weeks ahead. Remember that everything we do is focused on being at our best on the day of the district meet. Let’s be sure to stay focused and take advantage of every practice to get better. Let’s keep rollin!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help out at Bigfoot! We had a good turnout and you all represented Mtn View XC well. Good job to those that ran the 10k. We had athletes and parents out there running (definitely had the best team representation!)

Check out details below on this week’s meet at COCC and other important info.

JV Teams made the podium!

PRs from the Oxford Classic

  • Zach Bergler, Junior- 19:09.5
  • Weston Shaffer, Freshman- 19:36.8
  • Kinsey Olarrea, Freshman- 24:14.4
  • Hai Xing Lewis, Freshamn- 25:43.1
  • Brady Pfeiffer, Junior- 19:52
  • Gabe Gonzales, Junior- 19:58.6
  • Liam Crafton, Senior- 21:52.9
  • Andrew Rossi, Freshman- 23:55
  • Paolo Aragon, Freshman- 24:12.3
  • Lukas Loukojarvi, Sophomore- 24:29.7
  • Wyatt Brooker, Sophomore-24:31.3
  • Logan Fields, Freshman- 26:01.6

Bobcat XC Festival @COCC-10/12

This will be an untimed low key meet against Bend and Summit on the District course from last year. After the races Summit will be providing some treats for the teams and everyone can hangout and mingle. Parking will be on College way or in the lot beyond the Library. Everything else is permit only. We will not have a bus for this meet. Please plan on getting to the meet on your own. Let’s plan on being at COCC at 9am. Below is the meet schedule for Saturday.

  • 10am-Girls JV
  • 10:35am-Boys JV
  • 11:10am- Girls Varsity
  • 11:35am- Boys Varsity
  • Noon-Snacks and socialize

Team Pictures

We had some fun with our team photos this year! Checkout the team pictures at the link below.


Team Dinner

Team dinner this week will be at Cascade Indoor Sports 20775 High Desert Lane.

  • Freshman- Bread
  • Sophomores- Drinks
  • Juniors- Salad
  • Seniors- Dessert

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/7- 4pm @Mountain View. Aerobic recovery run with quality strides. Strength.

Tuesday 10/8- 4pm @Mountain View. 600/400 meter repeats on grass.

Wednesday 10/9- 4pm @Mountain View. Recovery Run. Fun Team Relay

Thursday 10/10- 4pm @Mountain View. Tempo/Surge Workout.

Friday 10/11- 4pm @Mountain View. Short Pre-Meet Shakeout. Quality strides.

Saturday 10/12- Bobcat XC Festival @COCC

Sunday 10/13- Rest day!

XC week #7: 9/30-10/6

What a great weekend of XC! We had a ton of season bests and PRs. Both races seemed to be tough courses, with the Madras course having a huge hill and tricky terrain and Nike Portland being very muddy. We still had great performances and strong efforts (even with most of the team recovering from the plague). Check the list of PRs from the weekend below!

Now we have a quick turn around to the Oxford Classic here in Bend at Drake Park. This is an awesome meet and it is a great opportunity to get a lot loud Cougar XC fans out on the course! Invite friends and family to come out and cheer on Mountain View. Hopefully the Cougar mascot will make another appearance this year! Please read below for other important happenings this week.

  • Sophomore Olivia Carpenter raced to a PR of 20:41 at Nike Portland.
  • Sophomore Chase Schermer ran a PR of 16:58 and earned a top 50 medal at Nike Portland.
  • Senior Nate Robbins had another PR performance running 18:38 at Nike Portland.
  • Sophomore Iris Welsh continued her PR streak running 21:54 at Nike Portland.
  • Freshman Sarah Nelson PRd at Nike Portland, running 22:14.
  • Junior Shella Crafton PRd for the second time this season in 22:25.
  • Senior Peyton Roberts ran a PR of 23:50 at Nike Portland.
  • Freshman Paolo Aragon PRd with a time of 25:21 at the White Buffalo Invite.

Oxford Classic: Friday October, 4th @Drake Park

Meet Schedule

  • Varsity Girls-2:00pm
  • Varsity Boys-2:30pm
  • JV Gold Girls-3:00pm
  • JV Gold Boys-3:30pm

Bigfoot 10k volunteering: October, 6th

This year for the Bigfoot 10k we will be volunteering to help out on the course as usual, but we also have a cool option for athletes to run the race as a training run if they want. Athletes can use the discount code: XCATHLETE to get $30 off registration! This run is only to be used as a training run, not a competition! Our volunteer assignment will be at the finish area at River Bend Park. Be there at 8:30 am!

Team Dinner

This week the team dinner will be at Emily Moore’s house. It will be Thursday after practice since we have a Friday race.

  • Freshman- Drinks
  • Sophomores-Bread
  • Juniors- Dessert
  • Seniors- Salad


Practice Schedule

Monday 9/30-4pm @Mountain View. Aerobic run with quality strides. Strength

Tuesday 10/1-4pm @Mountain View. Whistle Drill workout.

Wednesday 10/2- 2:15pm- Run to Pine Nursery and help with LittleFoot races.

Thursday 10/3- 4pm @Mountain View. Pre-race easy run with strides.

Friday 10/4- Race Day! Oxford Classic. Dismissed @11:45pm

Saturday 10/5- Rest day

Sunday 10/6- Bigfoot 10k volunteering @9am