Week 5 Workouts: Competition time!!

Indoor fun!

Hey Everyone,

Well, after some indoor workouts and constant adjustments, we’re nearing our first race this week. Phew… it’s been awhile.

This week is pretty busy and with the start of school, it’s important to remember that SLEEP is a really important part of athletic and academic success. If you haven’t already, dial back that bedtime to make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours or more of quality sleep each night.


This week’s schedule:

Monday 9/13 – 3:40 @ MV. PICTURE DAY!! Please make sure you’re at practice to receive your uniform and be in a team picture. We’ll get uniforms, go change, do the picture, change again and then head to Mountain View park for some timed intervals. Then back to school for a little bit of strength.

Tuesday 9/14 – 3:40 @ MV. Pre-meet day. Easy 20-minute run and 4 strides with a good stretching session. Tonight – Pack your bag with the following so you don’t forget something in the morning.

Things to pack:

  • Your running shoes and/or spikes (if you have some)
  • Your uniform top and bottom
  • A sweatshirt and shorts or jogging pants for warm ups
  • A change of clothes for after the race, including extra socks
  • Your Cougar Pal gift
  • Snacks for the ride over and right after your race.

Wednesday 9/15 – Race day! You’ll be excused at 11:45 and bus leaves at 12:00. See Itinerary below:

Silver Falls Oktoberfest Itinerary

Thursday 9/16 – 3:40 @ MV. Easy 30-minute run and strength.

Friday 9/17 – 3:45 @ Pine Nursery for workout and two games of Ultimate, we’ll do a beginner game and an experienced game so everyone gets to participate.

Saturday & Sunday – 45-60 min easy run/hike on one of the days, rest on the other.

Go Cougs!