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Hometown Meet Week!


Great work this weekend! Despite the high temperatures, many of you had PR races and did a great job pushing through the competition. A lot of you ran for those goal times and got them or at least close.

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday, 9/26 – 4 pm at MV. Run to Hollinshead for hill repeats. Then back to MV for stretching and core.
  • Tuesday, 9/27 – 4pm at MV. Easy 30-60 min run following by a weight room workout.
  • Wednesday, 9/28 – 2:30pm at MV. Track workout. 800/600/400/200 w/ 3min rest. Times at current 5k pace.
  • Thursday, 9/29 – 4pm at MV. Easy 20-40 min run followed by a weight workout.
  • Friday, 9/30 – 4pm at MV. Easy 20-30 min run followed by strides & stretching.
    • Pasta Feed at 5:45pm @ the Millers, 20864 Rorick Dr. Bend, OR 97701-What to bring-

      Freshmen: Salad

      Sophomores: Drinks

      Junior(s): Dessert

      Seniors: Bread

  • Saturday, 10/1 – Oxford Classic at Drake Park.
    • 12:20pm – Varsity Girls Race
    • 12:50pm – Varsity Boys Race
    • 2:00pm – JV Boys Race

At this point, it looks warm and dry for the race. There is obviously some shade, but we’ll bring the tent. This is a great chance to get some fairly flat, but thick grass running in. For the Varsity Boys it’s a chance to match up against the Bend High boys. We’re at a higher elevation, but it’s what we’re used to, so no problem there. Let’s have a great work week this week and next. Go Cougs!

Nike XC Week

Nice work Cougs! This last week was a solid week of racing and pushing toward improvement. It’s going to go back to more of a work week this week, as we continue to look toward the latter half of the season.

Coach’s advice/strong suggestion – Don’t share drinks with other athletes. This should go without saying, but it’s been witnessed. Use your own water bottles and drink from your own beverages. Fall is upon us and with that close quarters in school and a strong chance of getting sick.


This week’s workouts:

Monday – 4pm @ MV. Hard workout for the week at MV park. It will be tiered to Varsity guys/girls, JV guys/girls & Beginning runners.

Tuesday – 4pm @ MV. Easy run day. 30-50 minutes. Core and stretching.

Wednesday – 2:30 @ MV. Right after school!

  • 200, 300, 400 with 3MR, 8 MR, 600.  All quicker than race pace. Time to tickle the fast twitch muscles a bit.  
We’ll need Thursday and Friday to recover from these 2 workouts to be ready for another challenging race on Saturday.
Thursday – 4pm @ MV. Easy day run day. 27th to Boyd acres to Petrosa round-a-bout to Neff loop. Short strength & core.
Friday – 4pm @ MV. Easy 20 min run and strides. Pasta Feed hosted by the Kirsch family. Northpointe park/63788 Wellington St. @ 5:45pm. Football game against Southridge @ 7pm. If you want to go, dress warm, stay off your feet as much as you can and get to sleep early.
Saturday – Nike Portland XC. Itinerary to follow.

Here are a few of Young’s photos from Wed & Sat.

Here is an album of photos taken by Liam’s Dad from the race in Prineville.

Here is an album from Liam’s Dad from the Marist race.


Week 5 Workouts – 2 Meet Week!!

Woah! Congrats to everyone for a great first race. We had a lot of first time 5Kers who’ve now set a benchmark they can try to beat as the season progresses. Great work to the JV Boys for their win, and the Var Boys for their 2nd place. The Girls team had a great showing as well fielding a scoring team and getting 4th. Results can be found on

This week will look a little bit different since we have two meets this week.

Monday 9/12: Jog to Hollinshead Park. 2-person relays. 2 x (5 x 200m). Back to MV for a short weight workout.

Tuesday 9/13: Easy 30-40 min run. Core. Head to Buckingham Elementary for pasta feed. Meet at 5:45pm. Please be sure to bring the item from the list.

-What to bring-

Freshmen: Bread

Sophomores: Salad

Junior(s): Drinks

Seniors: Dessert

Wednesday 9/14: Jere’s Cowboy Kick-off. In Prineville. We’ll have an itinerary soon, but the race times have been switched to 4:30 for all girls and 5:00 for all the boys together.

Thursday 9/15: Mountain View Park. 1200-400-1200. with 4 min rest between each. Short lifting session back at MV.

Friday 9/16: Easy Pre-meet day. Pasta feed at the Lewis household. 1154 NE Quimby Ave.

-What to bring-

Freshmen: Dessert 

Sophomores: Bread

Junior(s): Salad

Seniors: Drinks

Saturday 9/17: As soon as we have the entries settled, we’ll have a departure time for Eugene. Luckily it’ll be later than this last Saturday.

Week Four – Back to School!!

Hey All,

With the start of school this week, we’ll be moving to 4pm practices since school gets out at 3:45. For Freshmen on Wednesday, bring your running clothes and shoes with you in your bag, and after school you can change in the bathrooms before coming out to the XC tree. Continue to bring water bottles to school and practice.

This week’s workouts:

  • Tuesday 9/6: Meet at 4pm at MV. Jog to Pine Nursery. 2 x (3 x 800m intervals) at faster than current race pace. Back to the school for stretching and core.
  • Wednesday 9/7: 4pm at MV. Easy 30-50 minute run and weight workout in the weight room.
  • Thursday 9/8: 4pm at MV. Jog to Mountain View park. 1200 @ race pace, 400 fast, 200 fast. Back to the school for core and stretching.
  • Friday 9/9: 4pm @ MV. Race simulation warm up. 20 minute easy run. 4 x strides. Stretching.
    • Pasta feed at the Swenson’s House (63310 Old Deschutes Rd). 5:45pm should be enough time to head home, shower and change. If not, you can just change back into your school clothes.
      • Freshmen: Bring a bagged salad. There are a few of you so it should be plenty.
      • Sophomores: Bring drinks (Seltzer’s, OJ, moderately healthy stuff)
      • Juniors: Desserts
      • Seniors: Garlic Bread, or another loaf to share.
  • Saturday 9/10: Marist Invite and a stop at Splash! on the way home. We’ll have the itinerary for you soon.
  • Sunday 9/11: Rest