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Districts Week!!

Hello Everyone,

Well, we’re here. What for some of you started in July is coming to a close. We’ve had a great season this year with a ton of lifetime bests, season bests and first time races. You’ve all worked hard to gain the fitness you currently have. Let’s finish off the season on a high note!

Monday – Easy 20-30 min run. 4×150 on the track. Stretching. Make sure you get good sleep tonight, and if you haven’t been already, make sure to be hydrating well and eating well.

Tuesday – Easy 20 min run. Strides and stretching. Time to get ready!!

Wednesday – Be sure to pack your uniforms the night before. Have everything ready to go in a bag before you get to school. We’re going to take our official team photo at the race before the girls Varsity needs to go warm up. So, make sure you have your uniform on or can get it on very quickly on  the short bus ride over to Redmond.

Race Schedule:

1pm: Girls Varsity

1:30pm: Girls JV

2:10pm: Boys Varsity

2:40pm: Boys JV

We’ll have more info for you Monday at practice about excuse time from school. We will be taking the bus to the meet, but there isn’t a bus coming back, so you need to have your ride back from the race arranged.

Thursday – Day off

Friday – Boys Varsity workout after school.


Next week:

End of the year Dessert Banquet is next Tuesday, November 1st @ 6:30pm in the Commons at school. We’ll supply all the ice cream, desserts, and toppings. Families are encouraged to come. It will be a nice way to say goodbye the XC season and hopefully wish some athletes well at the State meet.

Tune up week!

Hey Everyone,

It was a good race on Friday despite not hitting the times everyone was hoping for. Based on all the times, it was a tough race. We’re looking at a week to get some fine tuning in, let our bodies recover while not hitting the brakes completely.

This week’s schedule:

Monday, 10/17 – 4pm @ MV. Head to Pine Nursery for the workout. Back to MV for stretching.

Tuesday, 10/18 – 4pm @ MV. Easy 30-60 min with short weight/medball workout.

Wednesday, 10/19 – 2:30pm @ MV. Track workout.

Thursday, 10/20 – Easy 20-40 min run with short medball workout.

Friday, 10/21 – Meet at Shevlin Park at 4:25pm for a fun Fall colored easy/medium run. You will need to get a ride there, so find someone to carpool with at some point during the week. Runners will be done around 5:30/5:45.

Saturday/Sunday – Get out for a short run one of the days and throw in 4×100 pickups in the midst of the run.


Next Week:

Monday & Tuesday are easy runs with a bit of speed to spark the muscles, and then we race on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Bus to Redmond loads @ 11:00am. You’ll be excused @ 10:45. Varsity Girls race @ 1pm, Varsity Boys @ 1:30pm, JV Boys @ 2:40pm. If your parents are taking you home, we need a note or Remind text.

Portland Bound

Hey Everyone,

Great work Saturday! Who doesn’t love running with goats in the colors of fall. It may seem weird, but we’re ramping up for the end of the season this next week as we head to our last race before districts. We’re still going to keep the foot on the gas these next two weeks and try to sharpen our fitness.

This Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday 10/10 – 4pm @ MV. Head to Al Moody Park. 3 x 800, 5 min rest, 3 x 800. Core and stretching back @ MV.
  • Tuesday 10/11 – 4pm @ MV. 30 minute easy run. 4 x 150 pickups.
  • Wednesday 10/12 – 2:30pm @ MV. 15 min warm up jog. 400, 3 min rest, 300, 2 min rest, 200 @ faster than race pace.
  • Thursday 10/13 – 4pm @ MV. 20 minute easy run. 4 x 150 pickups.
  • Friday 10/14 – Loading the bus ~9am. First race is the Girls race at 2pm. You will need to go to your 1st period class until you’re excused to go to the bus. Be sure to bring your Cougar Pal gift to school with you. We’ll be getting dinner on the way back again, so bring money for snacks and BRING A LUNCH. You’ll want to eat on the bus before we get there. Weather looks warm, but bring layers anyway. This course has seen some fast times, so if you’re looking to PR in the Valley, this is a great chance to do it. We’ll be home around 8pm-8:30pm. Check in with teachers and get work from Canvas before you leave school so you can do some work on the bus.
    • Girls Varsity @ 2pm
    • Boys JV @ 2:30pm
    • Boys Varsity @ 3:30pm

Caldera meet Saturday

Thanks to those that made it out to help at Big Foot.
The Oxford meet went pretty well all things considered. It wasn’t a fast course, but a few people managed to get PRs!

Monday- We’ll head to Pine Nursery for our big workout of the week.
Hard workout: 4x mile x 2 MR.
(Current race pace with short rest)
Medium Hard workout:
Mile, 2MR, 800, 2MR, 800, 2MR, Mile all at current race pace.  Need one coach at 800 near the canal…checking times and keeping rest at 2minutes.
Some goal paces adjusted as the best times from Oxford or Nike Portland.
Tuesday-  long run 40- 60 minutes plus.
Several athletes are needed to help out at Pilot Butte MS for their race.
For those going to Pilot Butte, you’ll have a shorter run to be able to get there on time to help.
Everyone else, core and stretching.
Wednesday- 2:30p at track:
8 x 200 rest = 1.45, 90, 75, 60, 45, 30, 15 sec rest.
Goal is turnover when tired: like the end of a race.  Rest is important.
Thursday-  30-40 min easy
Friday – 20 min east.  Plus 4 x 150’s pickups.
First race at Caldera on Oct 8 is 10am so team will arrive by 9am.