Caldera meet Saturday

Thanks to those that made it out to help at Big Foot.
The Oxford meet went pretty well all things considered. It wasn’t a fast course, but a few people managed to get PRs!

Monday- We’ll head to Pine Nursery for our big workout of the week.
Hard workout: 4x mile x 2 MR.
(Current race pace with short rest)
Medium Hard workout:
Mile, 2MR, 800, 2MR, 800, 2MR, Mile all at current race pace.  Need one coach at 800 near the canal…checking times and keeping rest at 2minutes.
Some goal paces adjusted as the best times from Oxford or Nike Portland.
Tuesday-  long run 40- 60 minutes plus.
Several athletes are needed to help out at Pilot Butte MS for their race.
For those going to Pilot Butte, you’ll have a shorter run to be able to get there on time to help.
Everyone else, core and stretching.
Wednesday- 2:30p at track:
8 x 200 rest = 1.45, 90, 75, 60, 45, 30, 15 sec rest.
Goal is turnover when tired: like the end of a race.  Rest is important.
Thursday-  30-40 min easy
Friday – 20 min east.  Plus 4 x 150’s pickups.
First race at Caldera on Oct 8 is 10am so team will arrive by 9am.