Tune up week!

Hey Everyone,

It was a good race on Friday despite not hitting the times everyone was hoping for. Based on all the times, it was a tough race. We’re looking at a week to get some fine tuning in, let our bodies recover while not hitting the brakes completely.

This week’s schedule:

Monday, 10/17 – 4pm @ MV. Head to Pine Nursery for the workout. Back to MV for stretching.

Tuesday, 10/18 – 4pm @ MV. Easy 30-60 min with short weight/medball workout.

Wednesday, 10/19 – 2:30pm @ MV. Track workout.

Thursday, 10/20 – Easy 20-40 min run with short medball workout.

Friday, 10/21 – Meet at Shevlin Park at 4:25pm for a fun Fall colored easy/medium run. You will need to get a ride there, so find someone to carpool with at some point during the week. Runners will be done around 5:30/5:45.

Saturday/Sunday – Get out for a short run one of the days and throw in 4×100 pickups in the midst of the run.


Next Week:

Monday & Tuesday are easy runs with a bit of speed to spark the muscles, and then we race on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Bus to Redmond loads @ 11:00am. You’ll be excused @ 10:45. Varsity Girls race @ 1pm, Varsity Boys @ 1:30pm, JV Boys @ 2:40pm. If your parents are taking you home, we need a note or Remind text.