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Week 9 Workouts: Black Butte or Bust…

Hey Everyone,

Eugene treated the team pretty well. Our ladies got us started with some awesome times and high placings on a beautiful, autumnal course. The guys Varsity played some tactical games on the way to a 1,2,3 podium sweep and an overall team victory. Very shortly after, the JV boys scored another team victory on the back of some gutsy racing. Lunch and the campus walk wasn’t quite the same and SPLASH, but it was still fun.

JV Boys start

This week is our last race before Districts. It is a chance to run on a fast, beautiful course that will give a lone comparison to fitness from last Spring’s season. We’re not quite ready to take the foot off the accelerator just yet though as we have 2 1/2 weeks until we need to be primed. So, expect to work hard still this week.

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday 10/11 – 3:40pm @ MV. 40-60 minute easy jog with some strides & lunges.
  • Tuesday 10/12 – 3:40pm @ MV. Longer tempo & Race intervals at Al Moody park.
  • Wednesday 10/13 – 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 20 minute jog and 4 strides.
  • Thursday 10/14 – RACE DAY @ Black Butte Ranch. **There is no bus transportation to the meet** You must get a ride with parents or teammates. Bring water and a snack. Eat a sensible lunch, enough to last you until 5pm, but not so much that you’re crazy full.
    • Athletes will be excused @ 1pm from class.
    • Please arrive @ Black Butte Ranch (13020 Hawks Beard, Sisters, OR 97759) by 2:30pm
    • Boys JV @ 3:30pm
    • Girls Varsity @ 4:00pm
    • Boys Varsity @ 4:30pm
  • Friday 10/15 – Meet @ the grass area across the flag bridge from the Old Mill Shopping area @ 4pm. Easy run on the river trail loop from there and strides in the grass. Afterward, we’re going to the theatre to watch the new Bond movie. It starts @ 5:00pm. Tickets are on the team. Bring $$ for snacks if you’d like some. This is completely optional and I’ll figure out how many tickets to get when we meet up. Bring some spare clothes to change into so you’re not wearing your smelly clothes into the theatre. You need a mask!! We should be done by 8pm.
  • Saturday/Sunday – Do something active. Run, hike, bike, anything. Just don’t sit around for both days (unless your hurt and recovering).

Week 8 Workouts: To the EUG

Well done yesterday to all the racers. Our JV boys got off to a great start with several season’s bests or PRs. That’s impressive given Bend’s higher elevation and the course’s funky tight turns and rolling hills. Our girls Varsity all ran well considering the week we had, and our Varsity boys took home another 3rd place trophy topped by a new #1 runner for the 3rd week in a row.  That shows how competitive the boys team is. So awesome. This week takes us to Eugene to soak in the fall colors and enjoy what should be another flat, fast Valley course.

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Monday 10/4 – 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 35-45min run and strength.
  • Tuesday 10/5 – 3:40pm @ MV. Track workout. You’ve heard me talk about it. There’l be music and a well-deserved treat for afterward.
  • Wednesday 10/6 – 2:10 @ MV. Captain led practice. Run to Eagle park for Ultimate.
  • Thursday 10/7 – 3:45pm @ Pine Nursery Park. We’ll do a shorter workout and then meet and hangout with the Skyview team. It’s a chance for us to talk to students who will be incoming Freshman next year about the program.
  • Friday 10/8 – 4:00pm @ Riley Ranch Nature Reserve. Easy loop run and down to see the river.
  • Saturday 10/9 – Look at the Itinerary. We meet at MV at the Bus loop at 6:15am. Bring a pillow. Lunch will be provided on before we head back to Eugene, but bring money if you want to buy stuff. We’ll have some free time to explore the U of O campus after lunch.

Springfield Invite Itinerary

Week 7 Workouts – Coming Home

Start of the Varsity boys race

Hey Cougs,

Great race yesterday! We had a lot of said performances across the board with 8 of our runners coming home with top 50 medals at the biggest race we’ll see this year. We have exactly 1 month until our district race! We’ve got 3 weeks of work to put in before we start tapering a bit in preparation.

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday 9/27 – 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 30-50 min run on the canal trail. A little strength and stretching.

Tuesday 9/28 – 3:40pm @ MV. Hollinshead Hills.

Wednesday 9/29 – 2:10pm @ MV. Captain led out & back on the canal to Boyd Acres.

Thursday 9/30 – 3:40pm @ MV. Run to Big Sky for Race start sims.

Friday 10/1 – 4pm @ Drake Park for easy run and surprise treat.

Saturday 10/2 – Oxford Classic @ Rockridge Park.

Be at the park by 9:45am. Boys JV will warm up first, but everyone should be there for sure by their race time.

Race Schedule:

  • 10:40am Boys JV Gold (all JV boys)
  • 11:20am Girls Varsity
  • 11:50am Boys Varsity

**Bring Cougar Pal gifts**

Sunday 10/3 – Volunteering for the Bigfoot race in the morning. This is a fundraiser for the Bend Lapine HS XC programs. This is the only fundraiser/volunteer thing we’re doing, so please be there. No details on the exact time, but it will be around 9am. I’ll have more precise times later in the week.

Week 6 Workouts: Portland Bound!

And we’re off! Wow, what a great start to the season on Wednesday in Silver Falls, as we found a lot of success in all three races.

Starting with the JV boys team, Weston & Mason took it out hard to lead our JV team to 1st place as a team.

The 3400m was a bit shorter than we’re used to, but it just made for some good speed work.

Our Varsity girls followed with 3 runners in the top 10 that led to a 2nd place finish behind a strong Corvallis team.

The Varsity boys ran a tight, smart race with the top 6 within the top 15 overall and a scoring bunch with less than a minute between 1st & 5th.

This week, we head to Portland on Saturday for a high quality competition experience with a lot of runners in each race.

This week’s schedule:

Monday 9/20: 3:40pm @ MV. Easy run to Mountain View park for strength there, then back to MV for stretching.

Tuesday 9/21: 3:40pm @ MV. Run to Pilot Butte State Park for hill repeats.

Wednesday 9/22: 2:15pm @ MV. Captain led practice. Easy run and games.

Thursday 9/23: 3:50pm @ Pine Nursery park. 8,4,8,4,8,4 w/ 1-min rest between each. Finish with 2 x 200.

Friday 9/24: 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 20 minute run & strides.Stretch & get ready.

Saturday 9/25: Meet @ MV @ 5:30am. Itinerary is below.

Nike Portland XC 2021


Sunday 9/26: Rest!

Week 5 Workouts: Competition time!!

Indoor fun!

Hey Everyone,

Well, after some indoor workouts and constant adjustments, we’re nearing our first race this week. Phew… it’s been awhile.

This week is pretty busy and with the start of school, it’s important to remember that SLEEP is a really important part of athletic and academic success. If you haven’t already, dial back that bedtime to make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours or more of quality sleep each night.


This week’s schedule:

Monday 9/13 – 3:40 @ MV. PICTURE DAY!! Please make sure you’re at practice to receive your uniform and be in a team picture. We’ll get uniforms, go change, do the picture, change again and then head to Mountain View park for some timed intervals. Then back to school for a little bit of strength.

Tuesday 9/14 – 3:40 @ MV. Pre-meet day. Easy 20-minute run and 4 strides with a good stretching session. Tonight – Pack your bag with the following so you don’t forget something in the morning.

Things to pack:

  • Your running shoes and/or spikes (if you have some)
  • Your uniform top and bottom
  • A sweatshirt and shorts or jogging pants for warm ups
  • A change of clothes for after the race, including extra socks
  • Your Cougar Pal gift
  • Snacks for the ride over and right after your race.

Wednesday 9/15 – Race day! You’ll be excused at 11:45 and bus leaves at 12:00. See Itinerary below:

Silver Falls Oktoberfest Itinerary

Thursday 9/16 – 3:40 @ MV. Easy 30-minute run and strength.

Friday 9/17 – 3:45 @ Pine Nursery for workout and two games of Ultimate, we’ll do a beginner game and an experienced game so everyone gets to participate.

Saturday & Sunday – 45-60 min easy run/hike on one of the days, rest on the other.

Go Cougs!


Week 4 Workouts: School is upon us…

Lawn games!

Thanks for everyone who came and contributed to Saturday’s non-Black Butte hike. Peter, John and I were all commenting on how great it was to see the team just have fun and play. And now, we start the transition to the start of school and a small shift in the schedule for practices. If you’re not on Remind yet, please make sure to do that as that’s the easiest way to communicate changes like we did yesterday.

As you’re getting ready for school, be sure to pack your workout clothes and running shoes with the rest of your school stuff EVERY day! Also, Bohnlein and Ross are working on putting together a recruitment lunch for Friday and we’ll be asking you all to help as we try to bring more people out to get fit and enjoy good company.

Workouts for the week:

Monday 9/6 – 3pm @ MV. 40-60 minute easy run & strength. If the smoke is too bad to run outside, we’ll do a combo Main Gym/Commons running workout and then go into the weight room.

Tuesday 9/7 – 3pm @ MV. 30 minute Progressive run.

Wednesday 9/8 – 3:40pm @ MV. 9th graders, get out to the XC tree as quickly as possible after school gets out.10th-12th graders just note the new start time. Easy run day.

Thursday 9/9 – 3:45pm @ Pine Nursery. Get there any way you can after school, including just walking over if you need to. We’ll meet by the playground. Time Trial day. ~ 2.5 mile race effort time trial. A chance to see where your fitness is prior to our first race next week. If you have spikes and want to use them, go for it, but regular running shoes will also be fine.

Friday 9/10 – 3:40 pm @ MV. 35-55 minute easy run with strides and a very short strength session.

**Everyday will be subject to change based on the AQI readings, but unless even the indoor air quality is bad, we’ll have practice every day.

Let’s get ready to have a great school year and XC season. As with everything, it is what we make it, so let’s make it fun and focus on improvement.

Change of plans…

Hey Everyone,

With the AQI being not good for something as strenuous as hike/running Black Butte, we’re going to cut that part out of today. The air out by Camp Sherman is significant better than Bend’s at this point, so we can still be outside without feeling like we’re standing in a campfire.

I have a lot of food that Max and Sophie aren’t going to be able to eat, so…

New Plan:

  • Meet at 10 am @ MVHS to caravan
  • Head to Camp Sherman for swimming & games Peter has set up.
  • Eat, relax, rest our legs from a hard week and enjoy being a team.
  • Leave for Bend at 2pm and arrive back at MVHS around 3pm

Bring a swimsuit, and towel still, but probably not the hydropak. Let’s still have some fun today and be glad we didn’t get all wound up for a race in Prineville only to get out there and not be able to race.

Week Three Practices 8/30 – 9/4

Hey Cougars,

We’re a week and a half from the start of school and inching closer to our first meet. You’ve all been working hard, and we’re impressed with the focus during workouts. This week, we’ll be heading out to Camp Sherman on Saturday to climb Black Butte and have some fun social time. For workouts, we’ll still be focusing on base miles, strength and keep dipping our toes into speed workouts.


Monday 8/30 – 3pm @ MVHS. Easy Run and strength.

Tuesday 8/31- 3pm @ Pine Nursery Park. Whistle Drills in the big field.

Wednesday 9/1 – 3pm @ MVHS. Head to Hollinshead park for some short hill repeats.

Thursday 9/2 – 3pm @ MVHS. Easy Run and strength.

Friday 9/3 – 3pm @ MVHS. Head to Al Moody for longer intervals.

Saturday 9/4 – Meet at MVHS @ 8 am to caravan up to Camp Sherman and Black Butte for a hike/run to the top and then back down the pool for some swim time and a BBQ lunch. Please let Coach Young know by this Wednesday if you can attend so that he can get the right amount of food. We should be heading back to Bend by around 2pm.

What to bring:

  1. Water, a decent amount and the easier to carry up the butte, the better
  2. A snack, either for at the top or shortly after we’re done at the parking lot before we head to the pool
  3. A swimsuit and towel for the pool after the hike.
  4. Sunscreen, a long sleeve shirt and a hat if you want one.

Sunday 9/4 – Rest day. Recover, hydrate and start to get ready for school!!

Week Two Practices 8/23 – 8/29

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who were able to make it to the first week of official practices. We’re going to continue this week to make sure we’re ramping up a bit while still thinking about each athletes current fitness. The main workouts this week will focus on getting a bit more speed endurance in and continued emphasis on strength. If you’re going to miss practices, please make sure you communicate with Coach Young so that he knows it’s an excused absence. The Athletic department is putting an emphasis on athletes being responsible and accountable for showing up and we’re being asked to take attendance for more than just contact tracing.

If you are not cleared to practice (at least Family ID and Physical) you can’t come to practice. Please make sure you get these done as quickly as possible. As we get closer to the season, you won’t be cleared to race until the Pay-to-Play is taken care of.

This week’s workouts:

Monday 8/23 – 3pm @ MV. Easy run. Strides & Strength.

Tuesday 8/24 – 3pm @ MV. Hill workout @ near Shepard and Revere.

Wednesday 8/25 – 3pm @ MV. Easy run to Eagle park for a few short repeats.

Thursday 8/26 – 3pm @ MV. Tempo workout & Strength.

Friday 8/27 3pm – 3pm @ Phil’s Trailhead longish easy run. Bring a handheld water bottle if you have one and water regardless as there isn’t water out there. If you need a ride, make sure to connect with a teammate sometime throughout the week to get it arranged. Coaches can’t facilitate carpooling.

    1. Easy & Short Route: Marvin’s Garden to Gravel Road to Phil’s Trail and back to trailhead.


2. 4-Mile Medium Route: Ben’s Trail to M.T.B. to Kent’s back to trailhead.

3. Shorter Hard Route: Ben’s Trail to KGB to Phil’s back to trailhead.


4. Hard Route: Ben’s Trail to All of KGB to Marvin’s Garden back to trailhead.


Saturday 8/28 – Easy Run on own or with teammates or friends.

Sunday – Rest, eat, hydrate.


Also, Footzone it doing their annual Spike Day’s Sale for central Oregon’s local high school students. It’s a great chance to get a good deal on spikes or running shoes for the season. The flyer is below.

FootZone High School Athlete Weekend 2021

Start of Official Practices Week One 8/16 – 8/22

We’re here! The start of the official XC season is upon us and with it some transitional time. First, we’ll be transitioning to afternoon practices and meeting at the school for the majority of practices. With this change, we’ll be adjusting to the schedule we’ll have when school starts. Also, many people who haven’t been able to workout in the mornings will be able to join us and in varying levels of fitness. So, we’ll start a new training cycle that allows for an ease into fitness.

Practices are now 5-days a week, and until school starts we’ll meet at 3pm for practice. Once school starts we’ll have to bump back the start time to 4pm, but the longer we can be done earlier in the evening, the better.

If you are not on the Remind app, please download it and use the join code: @bdg8hag

I will be using Remind for the most pertinent changes and information updates, like changes to practice schedules due to smoke. I’ll make sure if changes need to be made I’ll send a remind at least 30 minutes before the start of practice. Also, if you’re on Instagram, our team account is @mv_xc. Updates are put up there as well.

Be sure to check the schedule on to get meet dates. I’ll be providing information for each meet as they get closer and will be posting the information on this site.


Week One Workouts

Monday 8/16 – 3pm @ MVHS. Meet at the XC tree near the entrance to the stadium. Easy run day. Core & stretching.

Tuesday 8/17 – 3pm @ MVHS. Run to Al Moody Park for short hill repeats. Strength & stretching back at MV.

Wednesday 8/18 – 3pm @ MVHS. Easy run followed by strides & stretching.

Thursday 8/19 – 3pm @ MVHS. Fartlek workout @ Mountain View Park. Strength & stretching back at MV.

Friday 8/20 – 3pm @ MVHS. Team Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Saturday 8/21 – Meet at 7:30 am at MV and carpool to the Dillon Falls trailhead to do an out and back long run on the river trail. Shoot for 30-60 minutes depending on how much running you’ve been doing and bring water. If you stash a bottle 15 or so minutes into it on the side of the trail you can get it on your way back and have water at two points along your run.

Sunday 8/22 – Active recovery. Do something, even if it’s just taking a walk with your family or friends.

Summer Running Week Six

Summer Running Week Six 8/9 – 8/13:

  1. Registration is now open for Fall Sports. Please make sure to get signed up through the Athletics page for MV. You need to register, pay the Pay-to-Play & have a current physical on file in order to practice/compete. Wednesday, August 11th is the last day to register and be able to practice on the 16th when official practices start. If you’re not cleared by the 11th you won’t be able to practice.
  2. Official practices start Monday, 8/16 (one week away!!). We will be having those practices at 3pm and will be meeting at Mountain View near the “Cross Country Tree” across from the ticket booth of the football stadium. Please bring water!! It’s going to be hot.
  3. Mark your calendars for Saturday 9/4. We’re planning on doing a morning Black Butte run/hike and using ex-MV coach Peter Hatton’s Camp Sherman house as a base for a post workout BBQ. Details are still being worked out, so stay tuned.
  4. The race calendar on is close to being finalize, but there will be other items added to the calendar as the season goes on.

Workouts for the week:

Monday 8/9 – Meet at Juniper Park by the Tennis courts. 8 am.

  • 3-4 sets of 2x800m w/1 min rest. Rest interval between sets is 3-5 minutes until the HR goes down. Pace should be fast but comfortable. You should be able to feel like you can keep going right into your second rep. Focus on getting at least 3 sets done as that equates to a 5k. 2-3 sets of 30 walking lunges after the workout. Stretching and core.

Tuesday 8/10 – 30 – 45 minute easy run on your own or with friends. Try to find a soft surface to run on.

Wednesday 8/11 – Meet at Goodrich Pasture park at 8 am. We’ll try the workout we missed last week because of the smoke. We still need to get some good climbing in the legs and with Black Butte on the horizon, it’ll help build strength.

Thursday 8/12 – Meet at MVHS @ 2pm for a strength/lifting workout similar to what we did last week. Again, we’ll shoot for being done close to 3:30, but it might be closer to 3:15.

Warmup time

Friday 8/13 – Meet at Drake Park @ 8 am for a climb up Awbrey Butte to the radio towers. Back down to the park for strides and Ultimate.




Summer Running Week Five

Week Five 8/2 – 8/8:

Hey Cougs! Summer for me is coming to a close as I start teaching Summer School tomorrow, and time is flying by. Here are a few key things coming up:

  1. Registration is now open for Fall Sports. Please make sure to get signed up through the Athletics page for MV. You need to register, pay the Pay-to-Play & have a current physical on file in order to practice/compete. Wednesday, August 11th is the last day to register and be able to practice on the 16th when official practices start. If you’re not cleared by the 11th you won’t be able to practice.
  2. Official practices start Monday, 8/16 (two weeks away!!). We will be having those practices at 3pm and will be meeting at Mountain View near the “Cross Country Tree” across from the ticket booth of the football stadium. Please bring water!! It’s going to be hot.
  3. Mark your calendars for Saturday 9/4. We’re planning on doing a morning Black Butte run/hike and using ex-MV coach Peter Hatton’s Camp Sherman house as a base for a post workout BBQ. Details are still being worked out, so stay tuned.
  4. The race calendar is still being worked out as local meets will be our priority and we’re still waiting on some finalized dates of meets.
  • Monday 8/2 – 8 am, meet at Al Moody Park for some intervals with a bit of a hill.
    • 4-8 reps x Big loop tempo effort, small loop recovery. See map for the loops.
    • The focus is on building speed endurance. Break the sets into smaller pieces. So, if you’re doing 4 reps total, start with 2 full reps and then take a water break and then finish the last 2 reps.
    • Listen to your body when it comes to the number of reps. Set a goal, but be smart.
    • Strength and Core
Big loop (blue) tempo effort & Small loop (red) recovery.
  • Tuesday 8/3 – 30-45 min easy run on your own or with friends.
  • Wednesday 8/4 – 8 am, meet at Goodrich Pasture Park as the meeting place for hills on Pilot Butte. Hopefully this will avoid any construction related issues.
    • Saw blade workout using the 1/8th mile markings on the side of the road. Up two, down one. See my awesome graph w/o an X-axis.
Goodrich Pasture Park to the base of Pilot Butte.
Awesome description of the workout.
  • Thursday 8/5NEW!! 2 pm @ MVHS. 20 minute easy run followed by strength in the weight room. Should be done by 3:30pm.
  • Friday 8/6 – 8 am, Drake Park by the stage. Loop to the top of Overturf Butte and back for strides and Ultimate if people want to play.