First Official Week of Practice

Welcome to the first official week of practice cougars! For those of you that have been showing up to the preseason summer practices, keep up the good work! Practices are now mandatory and we would love to see you come out to run with the team. Every week this blog will be updated to let you know where the practices are and what the workouts will be.


Always bring a water bottle to practice. If you are able, bring a watch to keep track of how long you are out on your runs.

If you are able, follow Mountain View Cross Country on Instagram at mv_xc. Sign up for SportsYou (the app) notificaions with the code 38LV-A436

August 14-Monday: Pine Nursery Park

First official day of XC practice. You must be “cleared” by the Athletic Office in
order to attend the official practices. Now that it is official XC season the team will meet 5 days a
week. Attendance will be taken. Practice locations will be announced on SportsYou as well. We will stick to
the mornings until school starts, but again, always check the updates on SportsYou and the blog.
Drills, jog to the straight row of pine trees, 3 person relay- 12 x 100m each person, cool down stretching. Coaches will
make a 100m course.
*** If you are not cleared, please get out and run on your own.

August 15-Tuesday: Mountain View High School, meet at the cross country tree

Drills and out for a 40-60 minute run- please consider Pine Nursery and get off the concrete sidewalks.

August 16-Wednesday: Drake Park

Drake Park- Run to warm up, drills, hill workout, team stretching.

August 17-Thursday: Mountain View High School, meet at the cross country tree

Drills and out for a 40 – 60 min run with 3 x 2 minute pickups (faster) in the middle of your run. Recommend going to Pine
Nursery to get off the concrete sidewalks.

August 18-Friday: Pine Nursery

Warm up drills, 3 x 5 minute brisk run around the park with easy 5 min run between. Watches come in handy for this workout. Cool down back to the start and do some stretching.