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Summer Training Week #6

After a week at Steens Mountain Running Camp, where we had 2 athletes attending (Brooke Cummings and Kelsey Swenson). Which brings us back into week 6 of Summer training with some added motivation and determination. Kudos to those two athletes for their hard work at the camp and representing Mountain View XC very well!

As July comes to a close and August begins, we turn to our next phase of the XC season! Focus and intensity will begin to change this month. We will also hope to get more numbers out for voluntary practices this month as we approach our team camp at Cultus on 8/13-8/16, which is also the first day of official practice. It is important to make sure all athletes get signed up for XC before August 10th. Sign-ups can be found on the Mountain View Athletics page

Below is the practice schedule for the week ahead. We are building a great base and momentum to have a stellar season! See you this week!


Monday 7/30- Mountain View @8am- 3-6 miles easy w/ 6-8 strides. Strength work after.

Tuesday 7/31- Drake Park @8am- Drills w/ 20 minute warm-up. Light workout. 20 minute cool-down on the grass.

Wednesday 8/1- Off or 3-5 miles easy.

Thursday 8/2- Pilot Butte Park @8am- Drills, Fartlek workout on the Butte!

Friday 8/3- River Bend Park @8am- Long run 6-10 miles on the river trail w/ 6-8 strides.

Week #5 OSAA Off Week

Week 5 brings us to the OSAA mandatory no contact week. This means no scheduled practices with coaches this week. We will resume voluntary practices on Monday July 30th. We have had an awesome 4 weeks of solid early season training. Some of our team captains will be meeting for runs throughout the week so try and do your best to meet with them and follow the training plan below to keep adding to your mileage base and fitness.

Cultus Camp

We are getting closer to our team camp at Cultus, August 13th-16th. Once the Administrative offices open, I will post the touch base link so folks can pay the camp fee of $60. It will be $30 if you worked 1 day at Pac Crest, FREE if you worked multiple days. It’s also important to note that the camp lands on our first official week of team practices. So in order to go, every athlete needs to be signed up and cleared for Cross Country. Sign ups are open on the Mountain view athletics page

Captains Training Schedule Week 5

Monday 7/23- Mountain View @ 8am- Easy 3-5 miles with 6-8 strides.

Tuesday 7/24- Drake Park @ 8am- Easy 4-6 miles with 6-8 strides and core.

Wednesday- 7/25- Off or short and easy aerobic run.

Thursday 7/26- Mountain View @8am- Easy 4-6 miles with strides

Friday 7/27- Drake Park @ 8am- Easy long run 6-10 miles depending on weekly mileage.

Summer Training Week #4

We had another great week of training and a great turnout! It’s awesome to see attendance rising as we are in the thick of Summer training. We have a special event for week 4. Footzone has invited all of the Bend XC teams to join them for the Great American Cleanup Run with Saucony Running. The run will be Wednesday at 5:30 pm starting and ending at Footzone. This is a great opportunity to give back to your community, while having a great time doing it! After the run there will be an Ice Cream social. If you plan to attend please be sure to RSVP here

Also, we will doing our long run on Friday out at Tumalo Falls. Let’s plan on meeting at Mountain View at 8am to make sure everyone has a ride. If you can drive please let me know so we can get a head count of drivers for Friday.

This is the heart of Summer training and you guys are doing great! Let’s keep that motivation and remember what we are working towards! Go Cougar XC!

Monday 7/16- Pine Nursery @8am- Easy aerobic run with Strides  (3-5 miles)

Tuesday 7/17- Mountain View @8am- Light Speed workout followed by strength in the weight room.

Wednesday 7/18- Off or Footzone run @5:30pm (Ice Cream to follow)

Thursday 7/19- Pilot Butte Park @8am- Short hill workout with 20 minute warm-up and cool down.

Friday 7/20- Tumalo Falls-  Long run 5-10 miles depending on your weekly average mileage. Carpool from Mountain View @8am.

Summer Training Week #3

We are heading into week 3 of Summer training already! July is the time for us to really log those consistent miles and build that strength that will carry us to championship season in late October! This is also a time to be focusing on your body. With the increase in mileage and training, we need to be sure we are doing the little things to stay healthy. Stay hydrated throughout the day, eat healthy, and try and foam roll or use the roller stick at practices after runs.

I am loving the enthusiasm and motivation I am seeing at practices! Let’s keep that going, while at the same time training smart. It is really easy when you are motivated to train too hard too early. So let’s be sure we are running easy on easy days! You all are rocking it! Go Cougs!

Monday 7/9- Pine Nursery @8am- Easy aerobic run with strides. (3-5 miles)

Tuesday 7/10- River Bend Park @8am- Light progression run on the river trail.

Wednesday 7/11- Off or Easy run on your own. (3-5 miles)

Thursday 7/12- Pilot Butte @8am- Continuous hilly run 3-6 miles.

Friday 7/13- Shevlin Park @8am- Easy longer run 5-8 miles.

Summer Training Week #2

We had a great first week of Summer training! It is awesome to see a great turnout and how motivated everyone is. Let’s keep that momentum rolling into week #2! This week we will be meeting in a few different locations from last week. The main difference is the Long run on Saturday. The drive out to Peter Skene Ogden Trail is about 35 minutes South of Bend. Please let me know if you can drive and we can set up a carpool group from Mountain View. If we have time we can check out the Paulina Plunge. So be sure and bring a towel! Let’s keep working hard and having fun! Go Cougars!

Monday 7/2- Pine Nursery @8am- 3-6 miles easy with strides.

Tuesday 7/3- Drake Park @8am-  Light workout with 15-20 minute warm up and cool down.

Wednesday 7/4- Off or Shorter easy run on your own. Happy 4th of July!

Thursday 7/5- Mountain View @8am- Easy 20 minute run with short hill workout followed by 15-20 minute cool down.

Friday 7/6-Mountain View @8am-  3-5 miles easy recovery run.

Saturday 7/7- Peter Skene Ogden Trail- Easy long run along Paulina Creek. Carpool from Mountain View at 8 am.