Summer Training Week #3

We are heading into week 3 of Summer training already! July is the time for us to really log those consistent miles and build that strength that will carry us to championship season in late October! This is also a time to be focusing on your body. With the increase in mileage and training, we need to be sure we are doing the little things to stay healthy. Stay hydrated throughout the day, eat healthy, and try and foam roll or use the roller stick at practices after runs.

I am loving the enthusiasm and motivation I am seeing at practices! Let’s keep that going, while at the same time training smart. It is really easy when you are motivated to train too hard too early. So let’s be sure we are running easy on easy days! You all are rocking it! Go Cougs!

Monday 7/9- Pine Nursery @8am- Easy aerobic run with strides. (3-5 miles)

Tuesday 7/10- River Bend Park @8am- Light progression run on the river trail.

Wednesday 7/11- Off or Easy run on your own. (3-5 miles)

Thursday 7/12- Pilot Butte @8am- Continuous hilly run 3-6 miles.

Friday 7/13- Shevlin Park @8am- Easy longer run 5-8 miles.