Week #5 OSAA Off Week

Week 5 brings us to the OSAA mandatory no contact week. This means no scheduled practices with coaches this week. We will resume voluntary practices on Monday July 30th. We have had an awesome 4 weeks of solid early season training. Some of our team captains will be meeting for runs throughout the week so try and do your best to meet with them and follow the training plan below to keep adding to your mileage base and fitness.

Cultus Camp

We are getting closer to our team camp at Cultus, August 13th-16th. Once the Administrative offices open, I will post the touch base link so folks can pay the camp fee of $60. It will be $30 if you worked 1 day at Pac Crest, FREE if you worked multiple days. It’s also important to note that the camp lands on our first official week of team practices. So in order to go, every athlete needs to be signed up and cleared for Cross Country. Sign ups are open on the Mountain view athletics page https://www.bend.k12.or.us/mountainview/student-life/athletics

Captains Training Schedule Week 5

Monday 7/23- Mountain View @ 8am- Easy 3-5 miles with 6-8 strides.

Tuesday 7/24- Drake Park @ 8am- Easy 4-6 miles with 6-8 strides and core.

Wednesday- 7/25- Off or short and easy aerobic run.

Thursday 7/26- Mountain View @8am- Easy 4-6 miles with strides

Friday 7/27- Drake Park @ 8am- Easy long run 6-10 miles depending on weekly mileage.