Summer Training Week #6

After a week at Steens Mountain Running Camp, where we had 2 athletes attending (Brooke Cummings and Kelsey Swenson). Which brings us back into week 6 of Summer training with some added motivation and determination. Kudos to those two athletes for their hard work at the camp and representing Mountain View XC very well!

As July comes to a close and August begins, we turn to our next phase of the XC season! Focus and intensity will begin to change this month. We will also hope to get more numbers out for voluntary practices this month as we approach our team camp at Cultus on 8/13-8/16, which is also the first day of official practice. It is important to make sure all athletes get signed up for XC before August 10th. Sign-ups can be found on the Mountain View Athletics page

Below is the practice schedule for the week ahead. We are building a great base and momentum to have a stellar season! See you this week!


Monday 7/30- Mountain View @8am- 3-6 miles easy w/ 6-8 strides. Strength work after.

Tuesday 7/31- Drake Park @8am- Drills w/ 20 minute warm-up. Light workout. 20 minute cool-down on the grass.

Wednesday 8/1- Off or 3-5 miles easy.

Thursday 8/2- Pilot Butte Park @8am- Drills, Fartlek workout on the Butte!

Friday 8/3- River Bend Park @8am- Long run 6-10 miles on the river trail w/ 6-8 strides.