Summer Training Week #7

This is our final week of voluntary Summer training! Crazy how fast 7 weeks can go by. In those weeks we have put in some great training and have laid down the ground work to set ourselves up for success! As training gets more specific and challenging, let’s keep up with the little things to keep us strong and healthy! Foam rolling, Stretching, Hydrating, making sure our running shoes aren’t worn out. The list goes on. Staying on top of the little things is just as important as all of the training that we do in practice. Keep up the good work Cougs!

Just a reminder for those who haven’t signed up for XC yet. Registration deadline is August 10th. You can find the sign up link here

Monday 8/6- Mountain View @8am- Easy aerobic run 4-6 miles. 6-8 strides. Strength.

Tuesday 8/7- Pine Nursery @8am- Tempo run

Wednesday 8/8- Off or easy 3-5 miles on your own.

Thursday 8/9- Drake Park @8am- Easy aerobic run 4-7 miles. 6-8 strides.

Friday 8/10- Mountain View @8am- Hill workout. Team game/activity.