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District Championship Week (10/22-28)

District Championship week is upon us! After starting summer practices 18 weeks ago, we approach the race that we have been focusing on all season. We have put in a lot of hard work this season and this is where all of that hard work pays off. This week we will continue to focus on tapering, staying healthy and sharpening up for race day. Both the girls and the boys teams have an opportunity to qualify for the State meet. So let’s stay focused this week and do all of the little things to allow us to perform at our best on Saturday.

Just like the Oxford Classic, we want as many Cougar XC  fans out on the course on Saturday. This is a home course for us and having fans out on the course gives us that extra boost! The race for that #3 qualifying spot is going to be tight and having home course support could be the difference! So work on your family and friends and get them out to the District meet on Saturday! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Central Oregon Relays and helped out or cheered on the Cougars. Also, a BIG thank you to Peter Hatton for making the event happen! It was another success, Peter! It is a great event for the Mountain View XC program and is always enjoyed by all of the teams that attend. Thank you all!

District Meet Schedule- Meet at COCC at 10:30 am

Varsity Boys- 12:00pm

Varsity Girls- 12:45pm

Junior Varsity Boys- 1:30pm

Junior Varsity Girls- 2:15pm

Team Dinner

Our Team Dinner this week will be at the Santaguidas right after practice. We will be finishing practice around 4:30pm, so plan accordingly. Since Halloween is right around the corner. This is a costume attire team dinner! Address: 62906 Bilyeu Way

Freshman- Drinks


Juniors- Bread

Seniors- Salad

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/22– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Easy run 3-5 miles with Strides.

Tuesday 10/23- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Workout on the Track. Foam Rolling/Stretching.

Wednesday 10/24- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Recovery day. Easy run. Core.

Thursday 10/25– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Easy Run with Strides. Revisit our Goals

Friday 10/26– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Short Shakeout run with strides. Team Dinner

Saturday 10/27- Mountain Valley District XC Championships

Go Cougars!

Week 17- Central Oregon Relays

The Warner Pacific Meet was exactly what we thought it would be. Fast! We set 35 Personal Bests on the day! It was a great way to get some speed in the legs and go up against the best competition in the State. Thank you Parents that were out on the course in Portland cheering on the Cougs! Check out the Warner Pacific results below!

This week’s focus will be to recharge and make sure everyone is feeling strong and healthy before we go into the District Championship week. We have Central Oregon Relays on Wednesday, which will be a fun event for the team. We need volunteers to help with course management, So any parents planning on attending please let me know if you can help!

Let’s have a fun and focused off week from racing and recharge for next week heading into District!

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/15- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Workout. Create teams for CO Relays,

Tuesday 10/16- 3:15 pm @Mtn View: Easy Recovery Run. Core. Fun Team Activity.

Wednesday 10/17– Central Oregon XC Relays @3pm Pine Nursery.

Thursday 10/18- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Recovery Run to Pine Nursery and help with Middle School Relays.

Friday 10/19-  3:15pm @Mtn View: Light Team Workout. District Goal Setting

Saturday/Sunday- Easy run one day. Rest day the other. Try and meet with Teammates for your run!

Go Cougars!

Week 16 (10/8-14)

The Oxford Classic showed us a lot of good things as a team. We had 16 PRs on a course that was significantly long. We had the best fans out on the course cheering on our runners (The Cougar included). And both Varsity squads showed that they can contend for a qualifying spot for the State meet. It was a great day, and truly an all around team effort. Thank you to all of those that came out and supported the team at Oxford. You all made it a very special day out on the course. Also, Thank you to everyone who helped or ran at the Bigfoot 10k. We had a great Mountain View XC showing! Check out Oxford Results below as well as a cool article covering the race.

Oxford Classic Results

Here’s a Bend Bulletin Article about the Oxford Classic. There some good photos of our Mountain View Athletes!

With Only 3 weeks left in the regular season. It is crucial that everyone does their best to make it to practices. We have to stay committed if we want to achieve our goals. So let’s stay focused and continue to support each other as a team. You have all put in tremendous work this season. Now it’s time to reap the benefits and enjoy the ride! We have one more fast and competitive race this Saturday at Warner Pacific. Then it’s a fun week with Central Oregon Relays before we head into the District Championship week. So, this week’s race is a great opportunity to run some fast times before District!

Team Dinner

This week’s team dinner will be at the Creech’s @5:45ish. Address: 843 NE Locksley Dr.

Freshmen- Drinks


Juniors- Dessert

Seniors- Salad

Also, the Friday before the District meet is available (10/26) the Halloween dinner! Let me know if anyone is up for that!

Warner Pacific Race Schedule

Jv Gold Girls- 2:30pm

Jv Gold Boys- 3pm

Varsity Gold Girls- 3:30pm

Varsity Gold Boys- 4pm

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/8– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Workout at Al Moody Park

Tuesday 10/9– 3:15pm @ Mtn View: Recovery Run 4-6 miles. Core work.

Wednesday 10/10– 3:15pm @ COCC Track: Workout on District Course.

Thursday 10/11– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Recovery run 4-5 miles. Team Game?

Friday 10/12– 3:15pm @Mtn View: Pre-Race Practice. Easy run 3-4 miles. Strides

Saturday 10/13– Warner Pacific XC Classic. Depart Mtn View @9am


Go Cougars!

Week 15 (10/1-7)

We had 21 PRs this weekend between Nike XC and the Madras invite! The team is still trying to get over sickness that is going around, but everyone still competed hard and looked great. Check out our top performance from the weekend below!

We have 1 month left in the regular season, which means we have to focus on staying healthy and make sure we are taking care of ourselves. We are in a good place as a team right now. So let’s keep doing the little things that keep us healthy and strong (Sleep,Healthy Diet, Hydrate, Foam rolling, Etc). This is the final push to sharpen up and get faster before the district meet. Let’s stay focused and committed. Check out some important details for the week below.

Nike XC Medalists:

Kelsey Swenson- 9th place Danner Champioship

Hannah Tranby- 47th- D2 race

Bailey Kamperman- 48th- D2 race

Emily Moore- 49th-D2 race

Madras invite top 20:

Zach Bergler- 10th place

Jordan Conroyd- 16th place

Max Lehr- 18th place

Tristan Piper- 19th place

Erin Kirksey- 4th place

Iris Welsh- 11th place

Julia Peteron- 12th place

Emma Loyd- 14th place


Bigfoot 10k Sunday 10/7

This Sunday 10/7, we will be helping out at the Bigfoot 10k run. This is an event that supports all of the XC programs in the Bend-Lapine school district. We will be in charge of the area leading up to the finish area and will be meeting at River Bend Park at 9am to get instructions. The race directors would like the athletes that aren’t needed on the course to participate in the race if you want! It would just be an easy run for you. They are offering a special $10 race fee originally $40 for Students. Use the code XCATHLETE for online entry. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate. Numbers are down from last year, so they could use all the sign-ups they can get!

Team Dinner

This weeks team dinner will be at Wyatt and Annika Goff’s house on 10/4 after practice. Address: 20745 Kilbourne Loop






Oxford Classic

The Oxford Classic is this Friday at Drake Park. This is a great opportunity for us to get as many of our parents and supporters out on the course. This is basically our only “home meet” besides the District meet. So let’s get a lot of Cougar XC fans out there and cheer loud!

Students will be excused from class at 11am. We will meet at the XC tree and carpool to Drake park. If parents can help drive that would be great! Below is the race schedule for Friday.

JV girls Blue race- 1pm

JV boys Blue race- 1:30pm

Varsity girls race- 2pm

Varsity boys race- 2:30pm

JV girls Gold race- 3pm

JV boys Gold race- 3:30pm


Practice Schedule

Monday 10/1- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Recovery run 4-6 miles. Strides. Core.

Tuesday 10/2- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Workout @Big Sky.

Wednesday 10/3- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Easy Recovery run 4-5 miles. Mystery Team activity.

Thursday 10/4- 3:15pm @Mtn View: Pre-race run 3-4 miles with strides.

Friday 10/5- Oxford Classic!

Saturday- Rest Day

Sunday– Bigfoot 10k


Go Cougars!