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Week 4 MVXC 7/29-8/4

As July comes to a close and August begins, we turn to our next phase of the XC season! Focus and intensity will begin to change this month. We will also hope to get more numbers out for voluntary practices as we approach our team camp at Little Cultus on 8/12-8/14, which is not mandatory, but very fun! I will post more details on our team camp this week before our moratorium week begins. It is important to make sure all athletes get signed up for XC before August 15th. Sign-ups open on 7/29 and can be found on the Mountain View Athletics page

Cascade Lakes Relay Fundraiser: We still have some spots to fill for our Cascade lake relay fundraiser. Below are the shifts that still need filled with the number of people needed for each. If you are in town Saturday 8/3, we need your help. This is one of our bigger fundraisers for the year and we need it to be a team effort. Please let me know which shifts you can take by emailing me @

31(ODOT Century Drive)-Parking/Traffic: 6:45am-1:15pm- (2 people), 12:15pm-6:45pm- (5 ppl)

33(Century Chain Up Area)-Parking/Traffic: 7:30am-1:30pm-(filled), 1pm-8pm- (5 ppl)

35(Athletic Club of Bend)- Parking/Traffic: 8:15 am-1:30pm- (filled), 1pm-8pm-(5 ppl)

Finish (Riverbend Park/Mill Point Parking lot)-Parking/Traffic: 9am-3pm-(filled),3pm-8pm-(1)

Finish line(Riverbend Park)-Timing assistance:8:30am-2:30pm(2ppl) 2:30pm-8:30pm (1)

Week 4 Practice Schedule

Below is the practice schedule for the week ahead. We are building a great base and momentum to have a stellar season! See you this week!

Monday 7/29- Pine Nursery @8am. 3-5 miles easy with 80 meter strides.

Tuesday 7/30- Riverbend Park @8am. 3-5 mile Progression run. Spike ball tournament afterwards.

Wednesday 7/31- Off/Cross training day

Thursday 8/1- Shevlin Park @8am. Long run. Ice bath in Tumalo Creek. bring a towel!

Friday 8/2- Mountain View @8am. 3-5 miles easy with strides.

Saturday 8/3-Cascade Lakes Relay Volunteer Fundraiser

Sunday 8/4- Rest Day

Week 3 XC Training Schedule 7/22-28

Monday 7/22- Pine Nursery @8am. 3-5 miles easy with 6 strides. Core session.

Tuesday 7/23- Pilot Butte @8am. 20 minute warm-up. 10×15-20 second hill sprints. 15 minute cool-down.

Wednesday 7/24- Off day or easy 2-4 miles optional.

Thursday 7/25- Mountain View @8am. 3-5 easy run. Strength workout.

Friday 7/26- Sawyer Park off of O.B. Riley @8am. Long Run. Team activity in the park after.

Saturday 7/27-Easy 3-4 miles on your own.

Sunday 7/28-Rest Day

Week 2 XC Training Schedule 7/15-721

We had an awesome showing for our first week of summer practices. A lot of new faces, which is very exciting to see! Our first week of summer training was pretty mellow, mainly to make sure everyone eases into their training for the season. In Week 2 we will start to add some light intensity to start getting our leg turnover primed and ready for the season. Please do your best to get your runs in on your own on the days we don’t meet or if you can’t make it to voluntary practices. If you are having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings to get to practice. Just remember that success in the Fall is forged in the Summer. You will not regret getting the work in with your teammates first thing in the morning, and it will pay off! See you all nest week!

Go Cougars!

Monday-7/15- 8am @Pilot Butte Park. 3-5 miles hilly run. 4-6 Strides. Core.

Tuesday- 7/16- 2-4 miles easy on your own. 4-6 strides

Wednesday 7/17- 8am @Drake Park. 20 minute warm up, 10×30 seconds @5k pace on grass, 15-20 min cool down to The Doughnut on Galveston. bring some money if you want a doughnut!

Thursday- 7/18- 3-5 miles recovery,

Friday- 7/19- 8am @Shevlin Park. Long run with 6-8 strides. Bring your towel for an ice bath in the Creek!

Saturday- 7/20- 3-4 miles easy on your own.

Sunday-7/21- Rest day

Week 1 XC Summer Training Schedule

Here are the times and locations for the first week of voluntary practices. This week we will be focusing on running easy mileage and getting our legs back under us. We will also be focusing on getting our running drills dialed in for the season and establishing proper running form. If we start early we will be pros by the first day of practice ūüėČ It is also important to note that athletes should be running on their own on some of the days we don’t meet as a team. 5 days of running out of the week is ideal. I look forward to seeing everyone and getting the 2019 XC season under way!

Go Cougs!

Monday-7/8: 8AM @ Pine Nursery Park.

Wednesday-7/10: 8AM @ Drake Park.

Friday-7/12:8AM @ Riverbend Park.

2019 Mtn View XC Summer Training/ Important Dates

It’s that time already! Time to start building those Summer miles for success in the Fall. Summer training is a great opportunity to set yourself up well for the regular season while bonding with your teammates. It’s also an opportunity for us to do fun activities we don’t normally get to do once the season begins. Below are some important dates for the summer. For practice times and locations during the summer, please check the team website for weekly updates.

7/8/19-Voluntary Practices Start – We will start meeting for voluntary practices on Monday July 8th. Every practice will be at 8 am at different locations. We will start with a Mon, Wed, Fri Schedule to start and will eventually move to 4 days a week as we get more mileage under our legs. We are starting a little later this year because I wanted to make sure we had a solid break between track/school and the start of XC training. It’s a long season and we want to be feeling good come October.

8/2-8/3-Cascade Lakes Relay Volunteering- For our team fundraiser this year we will be helping out at Cascade Lakes Relay. It will only be a 1 day event and should be fairly simple helping out at the exchange zones. We need to start getting a head count of all who can help. Please let me know if you will be able to help! Family members and friends are more than welcome to help out.

8/4-8/10-OSAA Moratorium Week- Since our fundraiser falls on the tail end of the official Moratorium week, we had it pushed back to 8/4-8/10. We will be off that week from all team functions. Athletes will run on their own that week.

8/12-8/14- Team XC Camp- Our team camp will be at Little Cultus Lake this year. A little bit of a change from years past but this still gives us the opportunity to do the Cultus Mountain run!

8/19- Official Practices Begin- All athletes need to have their sports physical and registration completed in order to practice.

Go Cougars!

Week 13 (9/17-23)

We had a great off week from racing with some awesome workouts! We also had the predicted sickness hit the team this week. Luckily we had no race last week and could focus on getting healthy. This week we have our trip to Seaside for the Three Course Challenge. We plan to train through this race and use this trip as a fun mid season retreat!

To help cover some of the costs of our Seaside trip we are asking each athlete pay $40 on touch base if you can. Link to touch base is below.

Also, if you haven’t heard already. We only have one bus for the trip to Seaside….so we will need help from parents who are planning on going to Seaside. I have already heard from a number of you but if you can help transport kids/gear to and from Seaside that would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know.


Seaside Itinerary


  • Depart @8am from Mtn View (wear running gear)
  • 10am Stop in Springfield for the U of O XC Meet, Shake out run on the course after the races.
  • Grab lunch in Eugene before heading to Seaside
  • Arrive in Seaside around 4pm
  • Check into Ebb Tide Oceanfront
  • Team meeting at 5:30pm
  • Dinner 7pm
  • Light out @10pm


  • 7am wake-up
  • Depart hotel for race @8am
  • Boys race @10am Girls race @10:05am
  • Eat Lunch in Seaside @2pm
  • Depart Seaside @3pm
  • Arrive @Mtn View around 8:30pm


What to bring:

Uniform/Seaside shirt,Training/Racing Shoes that will get muddy!

Lunch Friday; Food $ for Saturday More Food/Fluids for trip home,

Homework, books for study time, Warm clothes/rain gear,

Gifts for Cougar Pals, Towel, Water Bottle!


Practice Schedule

Monday 9/17: 3:15pm @Mtn View- 400 meter repeats

Tuesday 9/18: 3:15pm @Mtn View- Recovery run 4-6 miles. Core.

Wednesday 9/19: 3:15pm @COCC- Tempo Run on the District course. Carpool to COCC.

Thursday 9/20: 3:15pm @Mtn View- Recovery run 4-6 miles easy with Strides.

Friday 9/21– Depart for Seaside @8am from Mtn View.

Saturday 9/22– Seaside: Three Course Challenge



Cultus Camp 2018!

Cultus Camp 2018! 

Here are some details for Cultus! The sign up link is up on touchbase and ready to go. I have waivers for each camper that need to be filled out. I will have those at practices, but can also be found at the front office at Mountain View. Also, any athlete that wishes to attend Cultus has to be cleared for Cross Country. You can register for cross country on the Mountain View Athletics page

Sign up for Cultus:

Camp fee: $60

-$30 if you worked one day at Pacific Crest, Free if you worked multiple days.

If your entry is Free there is no need to sign up on Touchbase.  We just need the waiver.

Departure and Return dates/times

Monday 8/13-Depart from Mountain View to Cultus @8am.We need drivers to help carpool athletes and gear to the Cultus boat dock.  Please email me how many athletes you can transport if you’re available to help drive!

Thursday 8/16РLeave Cultus @11am. Return to Mountain View by 1pm.We need drivers to help carpool athletes and gear from the Cultus boat dock to Mountain View.  Please email me how many athletes you can transport if you’re available to help drive!

Personal Equipment for Cultus Running Camp:

  • Tent (may share with teammates)
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping Bag & Pad
  • Running Shoes & camp shoes
  • Running Clothes
  • Warm jacket, Light running jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Pair of long pants
  • Small backpack
  • Insect Repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Swimsuits
  • Towel
  • Tooth brush
  • Personal items
  • Games, cards, water guns, etc.




2018 Summer Dates for XC


Pacific Crest Sports Festival Fundraiser: June 21st-24th- We are signed up for 12 water stations on 6/23, Gear bags 6/23-24, and Transition 2 of the Triathlon from 6/21-24. This is going to be an all hands on deck fundraiser, so please try and keep that weekend clear if possible. Please let me know what days/times you can work so we can get the spots filled.                    
-Thursday 6/21- 10 people- Transition 2- 10am-4pm
-Friday 6/22-  10 people- Transition 2 -11:30am-8pm
-Saturday 6/23-  135 people- 12 water stations- 6am-5pm
-Sunday 6/24- 15 people- Transition 2- 5am-5pm & 9am-2pm 

  • Summer Training Begins: June 25th-¬†The first week will be on the lighter side. I originally was planning on starting the first week of July, but the Marshfield XC team will be in town for a training camp and they want to get together for some runs and possibly¬†a bbq/river float. still waiting on details from them. Once we get past that first week, the voluntary practice schedule will be Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri at 8 am with various locations. We will also get together for team long runs every other Saturday at a fun location. Any parents that want to be involved with Summer practices are more than welcome! 
  • OSAA Moratorium Week July 22-28-¬†No contact between Coaches and Athletes. 
  • Cultus XC Camp-¬†August 13-16-¬†Cultus is on! We pushed it back a little further from last year. This will actually be the first week of official practices, so it will be a fun way to kick off the official XC season.

2017 Season – Final Weekly Email

Hey Cougar XC Athletes & Parents –

Thank you for a great 2017 season.  It has definitely been one to remember!  This will be the last weekly email Рgood luck to each of you in winter and spring sports and we will see many of you again next year!  Here are a few final announcements:

End of Season Banquet –

The end of season banquet is at Aspen Hall at 5pm this Sunday, November 5th.  This is an opportunity to recognize the involvement and accomplishments of every athlete on the team and we encourage attendance of all athletes and families.  Most athletes dress semi-formal (no need for parents to dress up).  We will be having food catered by Tate & Tate (Santa Fe Chicken or Veggie Enchiladas) and the team will cover the cost of athletes.  Please let us know if you will not be attending so we don’t count you in the total for meals!  Attendance by families is free but food is only provided to those who have pre-paid. We still need some volunteers to help with setup.  Please let us know if you are willing to help!

Team Uniforms –

If you haven’t turned in your uniform yet, please wash it and bring to the banquet in a plastic bag with your name on the outside.¬† We will submit the uniform fine list to the front office after the banquet so please don’t forget to bring it!

Winter/Spring Sports/Cross Training –

We’ve talked to athletes about this plenty, but we can’t stress enough the importance of off-season training to maintain fitness until next season.¬† Participating in a winter and spring sport¬†and running a minimum of 2-3 days a week will make a huge difference in minimizing injuries and improving performance next year.¬† Running 3-4 days a week and participating in Footzone Tuesday Performance Group (TPG) workouts on a semi-regular basis is highly recommended to varsity level athletes hoping to take their performance to the next level.¬† To get more information about TPG workouts, subscribe to the weekly emails at¬†

Have a great week and we will see you at the Banquet on Sunday!

2017 Season – Week #17

Cougar XC Athletes & Parents –

Due to cold weather today and tonight we will be postponing race start times at the Juniper XC Invite by an hour.¬† Boys will race at 10am and girls will race at 11am.¬† With this change in time we will be loading the bus an hour later as well.¬† Please meet at the MVHS Bus Loop at 8 am.¬† There will be no bus returning so athletes will need to ride with parents or ask a coach at the meet to help coordinate a ride home.¬† I could use a small handful of volunteers to help at the finish line tomorrow as Mountain View will be managing race timing.¬† If you’re available to help please let me know!

Here are announcements for the week:

End of Season/Uniforms –

For some athletes, this week will be the last week of the 2017 cross country season!  Going into Districts we will be allowing any athletes to continue to participate, but athletes that continue must be committed to improving as a runner between now and Districts as well as long-term.  This means athletes that continue will be committed to prioritizing workouts and staying focused in team meetings and during workouts.  Athletes attending Districts must also have a perfect attendance record for the remainder of the season.  For those that are ready for the end of cross country, Friday will be your last practice.  Please bring your full uniform to turn in after practice on Friday.

Central Oregon XC Relays –

Next Wednesday, Mountain View will be hosting the annual Central Oregon XC Relays at Pine Nursery Park in Bend.  Coach Peter Hatton is the race director and is in need of some volunteers including 2 for setup (1-2:30 PM), 4 at finish area (3:30-5 PM) and 4 for race take-down (5-6 PM).  If you are able to help please email Peter at or call at 541-280-7631.

Meet at the XC Tree after school and athletes will drive/carpool to Pine Nursery Park.¬† If you’re a parent able to help drive please meet there as well.¬† Athletes will need to choose teams of 4 for the race ahead of time (signups will occur at practice this week). ¬†Matching or themed costumes are encouraged!¬† For more race info go to the meet page at:

Middle School District Meet –

We have several athletes that volunteered to help out at the Middle School District Meet on Thursday.¬† Large Schools will be from 9:30-11:45 and small schools from 1:15-3:30.¬† If you volunteered to help please make sure it is ok with your parents and be sure to have them excuse you from school.¬† Report to Matt Jones (SV Athletic Director) at Pine Nursery for whatever time(s) you’re able to help.

Season Photos –

Megan is preparing a slideshow for the end of season banquet.¬† If you have any good photos from the season you’d like to share email them to – or if you have a large quantity post them in an online album and send us a link or send your student with a flash drive and we will get it back to you after downloading them.

End of Season Banquet –

The end of season banquet is quickly approaching.¬† If you haven’t already added it to your calendar, it will be at Aspen Hall at 5pm on Sunday November 5th.¬† This is an opportunity to recognize the involvement and accomplishments of every athlete on the team = translation: Its a long evening!¬† We encourage attendance of all athletes and families.¬† We will be having food catered by Tate & Tate and the team will cover the cost of athletes.¬† Please let us know if you will not be attending so we don’t count you in the total for meals!¬† Attendance by families is free but if you want food it will be $15 per person.¬† Please pay for your meal in advance through Touchbase.¬† Payments must be made by the end of the day on Monday, Oct 23rd to order a meal.

For Parents: User Name is Student ID Number Password is Student’s Last Name – Password is case sensitive For NON-Parents (Guest Users)*: Please CLICK HERE to create …

User Name: Student ID Number
Password: Last Name w/1st letter capitalized
Select End of Season Banquet
Enter Payment Amount
      $15 per person
      Extra payment will help cover cost of athletes

We need 2 volunteers to bring cake to the banquet as well as volunteers to help with setup and takedown.  Please let us know if you are willing to help in any capacity!

Nordic Team Info Night –

We strongly encourage participation in a winter sport after cross country ends, and the MVHS Nordic Team is an excellent option to consider!¬† The majority of the cross country team continues into Nordic as a group and it offers a very similar feel to cross country with a positive team atmosphere and inclusive environment. ¬†The Nordic team is focused on new skiers and provides a great opportunity to maintain a high level of fitness through the winter while learning a great skill.¬† Team equipment is available for use at a very affordable cost and scholarships are also available.¬† This Monday at 6:30 PM in the MVHS cafeteria there will be an informational meeting with the coaching staff to go over specifics and answer questions.¬† We encourage athletes and parents to go if you’re considering participating this season.

Practice Schedule –

Monday – Whistle Drills @ Al Moody

Tuesday РPilot Butte Summit Trail/Team Video Clips (Wear your MV Gear!)

Wednesday – Central Oregon XC Relays

Thursday – Mystery Workout

Friday – Pine Nursery Loop

Saturday РMeet at COCC Track at 9am.  Course & 4-3-2-1 Workout

Sunday – Rest Day