Summer Running Week Four

Week Four 7/26 – 8/1:

Great work to those of you making it to the summer workouts and those who are doing the work on your own! We’re saying goodbye to July this week and hello to August. Last week we injected a slight hint of speed with Monday’s workout, and we’ll do the same this week. Tuesday should be an easy run/cross training day. Wednesday will bring some short hills that should be strength building, but not not overly taxing. Friday will be a short, fun day with the focus shifting to a long run on the weekend.

This week is OSAA Moratorium Week, so practices will be strictly captain led.

  • Monday 7/26 – Pine Nursery @ 8:00 am. Meet by the playground.
    • 30 min Fartlek follow the leader run.
    • Strength and core.
  • Tuesday 7/27 – 30-50 min easy run with friends or family.
  • Wednesday 7/28 – Hillside Park @ 8:00 am.
    • Hills!! Short ones, but we’ll do several to get the work in. And… there’s some shade!
  • Thursday 7/29 – On your own or with friends. 10-minute warm up jog followed by 5 x 1-minute hard/1-minute easy. 10 – 20 minute cool down easy run, then stretching.
  • Friday 7/30 – MVHS @ 8:00 am.
    • 10 – 15-minute warmup, then Ultimate and treats.

Saturday & Sunday 7/31 & 8/1 – Saturday, we’ll have a Captain led long run at Tumalo Falls. If you’d like to carpool, meet at MV @ 7:30 am with the goal of being at the trailhead by a little after 8:10am. If you want to just head out there on your own, plan on meeting out at the trailhead around 8. You do need to have a NW Forest pass to park at the parking lot, so if you have one please bring it. Bring water and a snack for afterward. The goal is to do an hour + of running/hiking, and at minimum you should be able to make it to the second large falls which is about a mile in.