Summer Running Week Three

In trying to expand team communication beyond this website and our team Instagram page, We’ve started a Remind group.

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Week Three 7/19 – 7/25:

  • Monday 7/19 – Juniper Park @ 8:00 am. Meet by the tennis courts.
    • 10 min warm up jog and drills
    • 2-4 x 1/2 mile loop starting at tempo pace and finishing with a hard effort
    • Finish with Strength and Core.
  • Tuesday 7/20 – 30 – 45 min easy run on your own or with friends.
  • Wednesday 7/21 – Pilot Butte Park @ 8:00 am. Meet by the playground.
    • 3 laps around the base grass area
    • Warm up drills (get water before workout)
    • Jog to the base of the road hill. On the road or side gravel. 6 – 12 x 1 minute up/30sec down recovery. Work hard, but don’t sprint the uphills. Easy jog or walk the downhills. Most should work with the goal of making it to the top of the hill by the end. Get water at the top before heading down.
    • Stretch and elevate your legs.
  • Thursday 7/22 – 25-35 min easy run or cardio alternative. If biking or hiking, double the time but be sure to have plenty of water with you and a light snack for during or after the workout.
  • Friday 7/23 – Shevlin Park @ 8:00 am. Meet in the gravel lot section near the gate and park loop trailhead.
    There will be short, medium and long loops available with the goal of doing the longest run of the week.
  • Saturday and Sunday – For one or both days be active for an hour or more. Anything that gets your heartrate up. Low impact is great, but going for an easy jog on soft surfaces is an easy go to. Go explore. Use Google Earth or another mapping service to plot a new route you’ve never tried or find a place you haven’t seen yet. Running is an incredible way to explore new places efficiently.