Summer Running Week Two

Hey Everyone,
 Great start to the summer running! It was exciting to see people out getting those base miles in as the middle of summer is nearly upon us. Remember that these practices are voluntary and open, so if you have friends or family in town and you want your cousin wants to get a run in while they’re in Bend, they’re more than welcome.
 Coaches are generally gone for the week, so the runs will be mainly lead by the captains with some guest appearances along the way. Since the heatwave has never really abated, we’re going to start the practices at 8:00 am instead of 8:30. A half hour wake up change won’t mean much, but the cooler the better. If you’re up for it, you can go longer on the Tuesday/Thursday runs. Just be aware of the heat and listen to your body.

Here is the plan for the week.

Week Two 7/12 – 7/18:

  • Monday 7/12 – Pine Nursery @ 8:00 am *New start time*
    • Meet by the playground. Out and back on the canal trail. 30-45 min total at conversational pace. Jog the whole time, but it should still be conversational pace.
    • If you have a hand-held water bottle, bring it. Otherwise, make sure you drink a decent amount before you take off.
    • Strength & core back at the playground.
  • Tuesday 7/13 – Easy run on your own or with friends. 20-30 min.
  • Wednesday 7/14 – Pilot Butte Park @ 8:00 am
    • Meet by the playground
    • 3 laps around the base grass area
    • Warm up drills (get water before workout)
    • Jog to the base of the road hill. On the road or side gravel. 6 – 12 x 1 minute up/30sec down recovery. Work hard, but don’t sprint the uphills. Easy jog or walk the downhills. Most should work with the goal of making it to the top of the hill by the end. Get water at the top before heading down.
    • Stretch and elevate your legs.
  • Thrusday 7/15 – Easy run on your own or with friends. 25-35 min.
  • Friday 7/16 – Pioneer Park @ 8:00 am
    • Meet near the Picnic Tables but not near other groups if they’re already there.
    • Out & back on the river trail with 3 turn around options. See map for turn around points.
      • Shortest route turn around at Mt Washington at the top of the dirt hill by the golf course. (~ 2 miles round trip)
      • Middle route turn around at Archie Briggs, the second road crossing with the crosswalk. (~ 4 miles round trip)
      • Long route, turn around at the bottom of the big dip just after the scenic overlook. (~ 6 miles round trip)
      • * Make sure to stop for water at the fountain by Sawyer park if you do the middle or long route.*
  • Strength and core back at Pioneer Park.

Saturday/Sunday – 30-45 minutes easy run, bike ride or hike with some climbing. Explore Central Oregon with family or friends.