Week 5

Two races under our belts at Stayton this past Saturday. The course was real cross country: trails, up hill and down, stream crossings, single track. Not a course for fast times, but a 3K opportunity for the JV runners. Congrats all.

This coming Saturday is our first local XC meet at Caldera HS. We will be running against most of the Central Oregon schools. Do not plan to wear your spikes on this rocky course plus sidewalks at Caldera HS and Alpen Glow Park. There will be no bus transportation, so ask your parents or friends for rides. Please arrive by 9am. Coaches will need help putting up the team tent. First race is the JV Girls 5K at 10:00am.  The meet ends with Awards at 1pm. More details coming soon.

*Don’t forget to schedule after school appointments on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Wednesday are our our interval workouts and we need you all there for training.

September 11- Monday- 4:00pm– MtV XC Tree. We will head to Pine Nursery Park for a warm up, drills and workout around the row of pine trees near the canal. Put your water bottles in the back of Carol’s truck. A longer interval session is planned. There will be two workouts, so check the red notebook and run your paces with your assigned groups.  Please record times in the red notebook. We are working on strength and pace. Times are based on your current race pace. If the workouts seem too easy, perhaps you are not yet racing hard enough. Getting into race shape takes awhile, so be patient and keep working hard.

*Monday- 6:00pm-Parent meeting inside Mountain View HS. Room will be announced. If you cannot attend the meeting Carol will summarize the adgenda after the meeting. We will introduce coaches and  review the season. Questions are welcome.

September 12- Tuesday-4:00pm– MtV XC Tree. Overall an easy day with a run and right into the weight room as soon as you are done running.

September 13- Wednesday- 2:30pm Right after school early release- MtV XC Tree. We will head to Mountain View Park for drills, strides, an interval session and cool down back to school for some core and stretching. Please bring your water bottles and put them in the back of Carol’s truck for transport to the park.

September 14- Thursday- 4:00pm- MtV XC Tree. After drills we will go for an easy run and then head to the weight room. After the weight room we will do some core and stretching.

September 15- Friday- 4:00pm- MtV XC Tree. After warmup and drills we head out for an easy run. After the run head out to the track for 2 – 4 x 150m pick ups. Please work on changing gears every 50 meters.

*5:30 pmTeam Pasta Dinner– hosted by the Shockey family.  The dinner will be held at 63591 OB Riley Road.  We will send a reminder later in the week. Thanks to our hosts!

Frosh: salads, Soph: dessert, Juniors (A-L): bread, Seniors and Jr (M-Z): drinks.

September 16- Saturday- 9:00am or before arrive at Caldera HS- 60925 SE 15th Street. You can park on the west side of the school or on Caldera Drive. Do not park near the road crossing from Caldera into Alpen Glow Park. Expect the gates on the east side of the HS off 15th Street to be locked.

Races: JV Girls 5K- 10:00am, JV Boys 5K- 10:45am, V Girls 5K- 11:30am, V Boys 5K- 12:15pm, Awards – 1:00pm- to the top 10 in each race. Trophies will be presented to the top V and JV teams in each race.  There will be a trainer on campus on Saturday. There will be water and bars for the athletes at the end of the races. Please remember coaches will need help putting up and taking down the team tent.

September 17- Sunday-  Rest up, rehydrate, refuel, roll and stretch and get out for an easy run, walk the dog, bike, hike. And don’t forget your homework!

Reminders: Team- don’t forget your “Cougar Pals” gift for Saturday.

MtV Trainer has office hours at the school: M – Thurs, 2:30 -7:30pm.