Week Four – Back to School!!

Hey All,

With the start of school this week, we’ll be moving to 4pm practices since school gets out at 3:45. For Freshmen on Wednesday, bring your running clothes and shoes with you in your bag, and after school you can change in the bathrooms before coming out to the XC tree. Continue to bring water bottles to school and practice.

This week’s workouts:

  • Tuesday 9/6: Meet at 4pm at MV. Jog to Pine Nursery. 2 x (3 x 800m intervals) at faster than current race pace. Back to the school for stretching and core.
  • Wednesday 9/7: 4pm at MV. Easy 30-50 minute run and weight workout in the weight room.
  • Thursday 9/8: 4pm at MV. Jog to Mountain View park. 1200 @ race pace, 400 fast, 200 fast. Back to the school for core and stretching.
  • Friday 9/9: 4pm @ MV. Race simulation warm up. 20 minute easy run. 4 x strides. Stretching.
    • Pasta feed at the Swenson’s House (63310 Old Deschutes Rd). 5:45pm should be enough time to head home, shower and change. If not, you can just change back into your school clothes.
      • Freshmen: Bring a bagged salad. There are a few of you so it should be plenty.
      • Sophomores: Bring drinks (Seltzer’s, OJ, moderately healthy stuff)
      • Juniors: Desserts
      • Seniors: Garlic Bread, or another loaf to share.
  • Saturday 9/10: Marist Invite and a stop at Splash! on the way home. We’ll have the itinerary for you soon.
  • Sunday 9/11: Rest