Week Three of Official Practices 8/29-9/3

Hey All,

We had a great week of practice. We will continue to ramp up our running a bit this week. As you feel more fit, add 5 minutes to the length of your easy runs this week. Please remember, workouts are gauged to your current fitness with the goal of increasing your strength, endurance and speed.

Our first race is Saturday, September 10th in Eugene. If you have not checked out Athletic.net yet to see the race calendar, please do so. This will help with scheduling. We are working toward the newcomers being able to race/run 5000m which takes some base work to get to. If you miss a couple of practices, run on your own so that you don’t lose the fitness you’ve been gaining in practice.

Please let Coach McLatchie or Coach Young know if you are going to be gone from practice for an excused purpose, like an appointment or a unique work conflict. Try to make sure that you set work schedules with school and practice in mind. We’ll be keeping track of attendance.

You need to be fully cleared through the athletic office before Friday, the 9th of Sept if you are wanting to race on Saturday. That includes the pay-to-play fee. If you qualify, there are scholarships available for athletes, but they need to check in with the athletic office about that. Brittany, the athletic secretary is super nice, and can help out if you have questions about what you need to be cleared.


Workouts of the Week:

Monday 8/29 – 3:45pm @ MV. Meet at the XC tree. Easy run to Mountain View Park. Warm up with drills and strides. Workout will be intervals on a loop in the grass. Back to the school for core and stretching.

Tuesday 8/30 – 3:45pm @ MV. Easy run, 25-50 min, followed by strides and stretching. Team photo before the run with loaner jerseys (not officially handing them out yet).

Wednesday 8/31 – 3:45pm @ MV. Jog to Al Moody Park. Drills and strides, then intervals on the lower grass look.

Thursday 9/1 – 3:45pm @ MV. Easy 20-30 min run. 2-4 strides. Weight workout.

Friday 9/2 – 3:45pm @ MV. Workout @ MV. Stretching and core.

Saturday & Sunday 9/3 & 9/4 – Long run of 40-80 minutes on your own or with teammates. Try to include some climbing. Go explore, if you’re camping, look up some trails you can run nearby. Exploring is the best. Make sure to hydrate and get some good sleep.

Monday 9/5 – Labor Day Holiday. Get a run in or a long bike ride, or a killer hike that gets the heart rate up and the sweat flowing. Enjoy, and we’ll talk more about the first week of school at practice this week.