Hometown Meet Week!


Great work this weekend! Despite the high temperatures, many of you had PR races and did a great job pushing through the competition. A lot of you ran for those goal times and got them or at least close.

This week’s schedule:

  • Monday, 9/26 – 4 pm at MV. Run to Hollinshead for hill repeats. Then back to MV for stretching and core.
  • Tuesday, 9/27 – 4pm at MV. Easy 30-60 min run following by a weight room workout.
  • Wednesday, 9/28 – 2:30pm at MV. Track workout. 800/600/400/200 w/ 3min rest. Times at current 5k pace.
  • Thursday, 9/29 – 4pm at MV. Easy 20-40 min run followed by a weight workout.
  • Friday, 9/30 – 4pm at MV. Easy 20-30 min run followed by strides & stretching.
    • Pasta Feed at 5:45pm @ the Millers, 20864 Rorick Dr. Bend, OR 97701-What to bring-

      Freshmen: Salad

      Sophomores: Drinks

      Junior(s): Dessert

      Seniors: Bread

  • Saturday, 10/1 – Oxford Classic at Drake Park.
    • 12:20pm – Varsity Girls Race
    • 12:50pm – Varsity Boys Race
    • 2:00pm – JV Boys Race

At this point, it looks warm and dry for the race. There is obviously some shade, but we’ll bring the tent. This is a great chance to get some fairly flat, but thick grass running in. For the Varsity Boys it’s a chance to match up against the Bend High boys. We’re at a higher elevation, but it’s what we’re used to, so no problem there. Let’s have a great work week this week and next. Go Cougs!