Week 4 Workouts: School is upon us…

Lawn games!

Thanks for everyone who came and contributed to Saturday’s non-Black Butte hike. Peter, John and I were all commenting on how great it was to see the team just have fun and play. And now, we start the transition to the start of school and a small shift in the schedule for practices. If you’re not on Remind yet, please make sure to do that as that’s the easiest way to communicate changes like we did yesterday.

As you’re getting ready for school, be sure to pack your workout clothes and running shoes with the rest of your school stuff EVERY day! Also, Bohnlein and Ross are working on putting together a recruitment lunch for Friday and we’ll be asking you all to help as we try to bring more people out to get fit and enjoy good company.

Workouts for the week:

Monday 9/6 – 3pm @ MV. 40-60 minute easy run & strength. If the smoke is too bad to run outside, we’ll do a combo Main Gym/Commons running workout and then go into the weight room.

Tuesday 9/7 – 3pm @ MV. 30 minute Progressive run.

Wednesday 9/8 – 3:40pm @ MV. 9th graders, get out to the XC tree as quickly as possible after school gets out.10th-12th graders just note the new start time. Easy run day.

Thursday 9/9 – 3:45pm @ Pine Nursery. Get there any way you can after school, including just walking over if you need to. We’ll meet by the playground. Time Trial day. ~ 2.5 mile race effort time trial. A chance to see where your fitness is prior to our first race next week. If you have spikes and want to use them, go for it, but regular running shoes will also be fine.

Friday 9/10 – 3:40 pm @ MV. 35-55 minute easy run with strides and a very short strength session.

**Everyday will be subject to change based on the AQI readings, but unless even the indoor air quality is bad, we’ll have practice every day.

Let’s get ready to have a great school year and XC season. As with everything, it is what we make it, so let’s make it fun and focus on improvement.