Change of plans…

Hey Everyone,

With the AQI being not good for something as strenuous as hike/running Black Butte, we’re going to cut that part out of today. The air out by Camp Sherman is significant better than Bend’s at this point, so we can still be outside without feeling like we’re standing in a campfire.

I have a lot of food that Max and Sophie aren’t going to be able to eat, so…

New Plan:

  • Meet at 10 am @ MVHS to caravan
  • Head to Camp Sherman for swimming & games Peter has set up.
  • Eat, relax, rest our legs from a hard week and enjoy being a team.
  • Leave for Bend at 2pm and arrive back at MVHS around 3pm

Bring a swimsuit, and towel still, but probably not the hydropak. Let’s still have some fun today and be glad we didn’t get all wound up for a race in Prineville only to get out there and not be able to race.