State Week!

Hey Everyone,

This week is the week of the State Championships for our Varsity Boys team and its going to be a fun experience. The guys race at 3:30pm @ Lane Community College in Eugene. Everyone is welcome to come watch them run if you can make it over to Eugene. It looks like it might be a wet one, but that will just make it more fun.

For this week, everyone is welcome to come to practice, but it is not required. For the JV athletes it can be a nice time to recover and get ready for Winter sports. We will be doing our MVXC Dessert Banquet on Tuesday, November 9th @ 7pm. The team will provide ice cream sundae toppings and beverages. We will meet in the Commons outside of the Library. We will recognize the amazing job this team did this year and look back at some of the fun and success we had as a team. FAMILIES ARE WELCOME! and encouraged to come. There will be plenty of desserts. Please bring your washed uniforms to the banquet as it’s a great time to just get them all compiled together. Also, we’ll have leftover shirts and socks from this year and previous years for sale. We’ll only be able to take cash or check. If your athlete didn’t get a pair of socks, they get one set for free, and then they can get another set for $10. T-shirts will range from $5 (older shirts) – $15 for this year’s shirt. It’s enough to cover the cost of them.


Workouts for the Week:

Monday 11/1 – 3:40pm @ MV. Stadium intervals including the upper football fields.

Tuesday 11/2 – 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 30-min run and strength.

Wednesday 11/3 – 2:10pm @ MV. Captain led, 40 min out & back on the Canal Trail.

Thursday 11/4 – 3:40pm @ MV. 20 min run and long strides on the FB field.

Friday 11/5 – 3:40 pm @ MV. Easy 15 min run and strides.

Saturday 11/6 – Meet is at Lane Community College in Eugene. The race is at 3:30, be there by 1:15pm. Watch the weather and be prepared for snow over the pass, potentially. I can’t organize rides for athletes, so figure out how to get there. Bring rain gear, water and some snacks. Have an extra pair or two of socks so you can swap them out for warmups and the race. I’d like you to wear the BLACK MV (make sure you’ve gotten your pair) Socks we get as a team for the race. You can warm up in other socks if you want.

Tickets for parents/fans: Here is the info from OSAA:

  1. The OSAA has transitioned to a 100% digital ticketing system for the Championships.  There will be no transactions on site.  Patrons will need to have a printed paper ticket from an online purchase or digital ticket on their mobile device ready when arriving at the gate to gain access.  Send your fans to  This QR takes you directly to the tickets page itself.  Ticket can also be purchased through the OSAALive Mobile AppHomeTown Ticketing App and, of course, the OSAA tickets page at  Please help us communicate this change to your communities.  Contact Kyle Stanfield ( or Kathi Fetch ( with questions.

State Championships Ticket QR