Hey Everyone,

Wow, what a great end(…ish) to the season. The JV Boys got us started out with some great efforts, PRs and SRs (season records). I was impressed with their guts and willingness to work. The Varsity Girls exceeded most expectations with every runner finishing at, above, or well above their seed place from times this season. Most of the girls had SRs with one having a PR on a relatively slow course, at elevation. The Varsity Boys had all top 5 scorers in the top 20. Nobody PR’d, and that just goes to show how hard the course was. Overall, the Varsity Girls finished 4th compared to their 7th seed going in and the Boys finished 2nd compared to their 4th seed going in. The Varsity Boys will move on to the State Championship Meet that will be held at Lane Community College on Saturday, November 6th. So, we’ll continue practices for the Varsity athletes, but the JV athletes are welcome to join as well.

MVXC Dessert Banquet will be Tuesday, November 9th @ 7pm. The team will provide ice cream sundae toppings and beverages. We will meet in the Commons outside of the Library. We will recognize the amazing job this team did this year and look back at some of the fun and success we had as a team.


Workout Schedule:

Thursday 10/28 – 3:40pm @ MV. 30-min easy run with core and stretching.

Friday 10/29 – 3:40pm @ MV. Jog to Al Moody for low slope intervals.

Saturday & Sunday – Rest days, plural.

Monday 11/1 – 3:40pm @ MV. Stadium intervals including the upper football fields.

Tuesday 11/2 – 3:40pm @ MV. Easy 30-min run and strength.

Wednesday 11/3 – 2:10pm @ MV. Captain led, 40 min out & back on the Canal Trail.

Thursday 11/4 – 3:40pm @ MV. 20 min run and long strides on the FB field.

Friday 11/5 – 3:40 pm @ MV. Easy 15 min run and strides.

Saturday – Itinerary to come.