XC Week 6: 4/5-4/11

This week marks our last official week of the XC season. It has been a quick season, but it has also been really fun to see the improvement in such a short period of time! We had a lot of awesome performances, season bests and PRs on Saturday. We also had a great day as a team! Both the boys and girls teams placed 2nd and really did a great job racing together and keying off of each other. Check out results from Saturday below!

Central Oregon XC Classic Resultshttps://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/189051/results

We have spring sports starting up this week as well. If you are doing a spring sport, just let me know and we will coordinate accordingly. This transition works well for the track athletes doing distance events, since the training will be somewhat similar with shorter faster workouts this week.

Our last meet will be the Oxford Classic at Juniper park this Saturday 4/10. The boys race will be first at 1pm, followed by the girls race at 2pm. Based on the type of course this race will have. I’m guessing times will be slower than the last race. But that’s xc, and we should always be more focused on racing and place anyways.

Please see below for this week’s practice schedule. Let’s have a fun last week of the XC season! See you all soon.


Practice Schedule

Monday 4/5- Mountain View @3:30pm

Tuesday 4/6- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Wednesday 4/7- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Thursday 4/8- Mountain View @3:30pm

Friday 4/9- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Saturday 4/10- Oxford Classic @Juniper Park.

Boys Race: 1pm , Girls Race: 2pm


Go Cougs!

XC Week 5- 3/29-4/4

I hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing Spring Break! We are back at it this week and we get a full week of training before our next meet on Saturday. As of right now, we don’t have a start time for the meet. I will let you all know when the start times are established. Please see below for the practice schedule for the week!

I’m excited to get the crew back together and start the final push for the XC season. Our next few races will be our best. Let’s stay focused and make the last few weeks count! See you all soon!



         Practice Schedule

Monday 3/29- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Tuesday 3/30- Mountain View @3:30pm

Wednesday 3/31-Mountain View @3:30pm

Thursday 4/1- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Friday 4/2- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Saturday 4/3- XC Meet @Pine Nursery. Time TBD.


GO Cougs!

XC Spring Break Training

We ended the week with a strong showing out at Black Butte Ranch. There were some lifetime 5k PRs set, and a lot of season bests on the day. Even more impressive was how both teams raced as a unit. The girls team ran away with a strong and convincing 2nd place finish, and the boys finished 4th but only a few places off of 2nd. Overall, we are moving in the direction we want to be. In a short and condensed season, improvement week to week is impressive.

Clash in the Cascades Meet Results: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/188623/results

We will not be meeting as a team for spring break, but that doesn’t mean training stops. Please do your best to follow the training plan posted below. I want everyone to be able to do fun things and have family time, while still being able to get the training in. If you have any questions about the workouts please reach out to me! This week is a great opportunity to recharge mentally and physically, while still keeping our fitness high and staying sharp. I hope you all have an awesome spring break!

Spring Break Training

Monday 3/22- 30-45 minutes easy-moderate run. 6 Strides after run.

Tuesday 3/23– 10×1 minute hill repeats @race effort. 5x30sec hill sprints. 15 minute warm-up and cool-down.

Wednesday 3/24– 30-40 minutes Recovery run. Go by feel, listen to your body!

Thursday 3/25– 30-40 minutes easy-moderate run. 4 Strides after run.

Friday 3/26– Speed play workout: 3min-2min-1min-1min-2min-3min @race pace with 90 seconds rest in between each rep. Follow workout with 6×30 seconds fast to mimic finishing kick! 10 minute warm-up and cool-down.

Saturday/Sunday– Take one day off. Longer run for the other. 40-60mintues easy. If you’re feeling tired don’t force it, go with the shorter option.



Thursday Meet Info


MARCH 18, 2021




Start Time: (Men will be run first)

               Men: 1:00 PM
Women: 1:45 PM


Location: Big Meadow Golf Club, 13020 Hawks Beard, Sisters, OR 97759


Bus Parking: Please pull through to golf course passing the club house, pulling past course and proceed left to the far east side of parking lot


Course Map:  MAP


Surface: The course is 95% grass, ideal for usage of spikes


Start/ Finish Area: The course will begin on the driving range tee area


Team Area:  Please set up team tents and encampments in the driving range near the finish line.  Coaches please keep your spectators out of the team area


COVID:  We are required to follow guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon School Activity Association (OSAA).  Please follow current mask and social distance guidelines


Spectators:  Please limit spectators and enforce COVID guidelines regarding attending events.  150 spectators are allowed to attend outdoor events.  This will be impossible to enforce, so we are asking for only immediate family members to attend as spectators.  Please keep spectator out of the driving range area and team encampment.

XC Week 4: 3/15-3/21

XC is officially back! It was so awesome to see an actual cross country race take place. Even though it’s been over a year since our last true xc race. Everyone showed up and competed like we never left. So many great performances and amazing efforts across the board. Very proud of these athletes for sticking with it and making it to the starting line after waiting so long to actually get the opportunity to race. Checkout the results from Friday’s meet here! https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/189050/results

Coach Young took more awesome photos of the meet on Friday. Thanks Andy!

Pine Nursery Meet Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14DvZzIuZA95buY2qdVYkM733dab15tGK

Our meet this week is on Thursday 3/18, hosted by Sisters and will take place at Big Meadow at Black Butte Ranch. Right now, race times are still TBD. I will let you all know as soon as I get meet info. Also, athletes will need to get to and from the meet on their own. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but transportation within the district is unavailable to weekday athletic events at this time.

I think the course on Thursday will be on the faster side, and should be a great opportunity to shoot for a fast XC time. We are still learning how to race again. So, let’s think of what worked well on Friday and what we can work on to be our best on race day! Please see the practice schedule below. Monday will be a workout day, so come prepared and focused to have a quality workout! See all soon!

Practice Schedule

Monday 3/15- Pine Nursery @3:30pm 

Tuesday 3/16- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Wednesday 3/17- Mountain View @3:30pm

Thursday 3/18- XC Meet @Black Butte Ranch (Race Day)

Friday 3/19- Mountain View @3:30pm

Go Cougs!

Meet info 3/12 @ Pine Nursery

Hey everyone,

Below is the schedule for the meet tomorrow at Pine Nursery. Spectators are allowed tomorrow since we are racing in a public park. Just be sure to stay clear of the start finish areas and try and spread out on the course to cheer on the runners! Should be a fun day! Attached is the course map for everyone to check-out. See you all tomorrow!

4000m + 1000m Pine Nursery XC Course

Event Schedule:

12:00-2:00pm — Volunteers/coaches set-up course and stadium area

1:00pm — Team bibs and timing chips available for coaches to pick-up at Finish timing tent

2:00pm — Race Block “A” start (girls)

2:30pm — Projected final finish of Block “A” race, Block “B” team pairs enter Stadium Area.

2:45pm — Race Block “B” start (boys)

3:15pm — Projected final finish of Block “B” race


Go Cougs!

XC Week 3: 3/8-3/14

Well, we finally got to compete in a Cross Country race! It was so awesome to see the team in those red and black uniforms again crushing it out on the course. Lots of awesome performances and great efforts all around! We have another meet this Friday at Pine Nursery, starting at 1pm. Specific race times have not been established yet, but I’ll update you all when they are posted. The meet will be a 5k and will be more of a traditional XC style race. It is highly likely that there will be 1 race for boys and 1 race for girls, instead of multiple races.

Please check out the practice schedule below for the game plan this week.

Also, coach Young has been acting as our team photographer this season and was kind enough to take pictures at the meet yesterday, as well as some practice photos. Here is the link to the photos for everyone to check out! Thanks Andy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TG6GFRDHpomnnGvWO7HU5QysVfklKU52

Week 3 Practice Schedule

Monday 3/8- Mountain View @3:30pm

Tuesday 3/9- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Wednesday 3/10- Mountain View @3:30pm

Thursday 3/11- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Friday 3/12- XC Meet @Pine Nursery. Meet start 1pm.


Let’s ride that momentum from the meet on Saturday and have a great week of training! I’m excited to see everyone race their first 5k of the season! See you all tomorrow!


Go Cougs!


Rust Buster Meet Info

Hey Cougs,

Please read the info below for the Rust Buster meet this Saturday at Pacific Crest Middle School. You should know by now which category you will be racing in. Look below for your race time and plan accordingly with your race partner. You will need a race bib and chip for timing, so come find me before your event and I’ll give them to you. I will be in the staging area on the football field. I’m super excited to get our first competition underway!

Rust Buster Map 2.0 (2)


Event Basics:

-> 2-person alternating 2-leg relay … Runner 1 runs 3250m loop, “tags”, Runner 2 runs 3250m loop, “tags”, Runner 1 runs 1750m loop, “tags”, Runner 2 runs 1750m loop and finishes.

-> “Tag” will be the moment when teammate on course crosses the leg finish line timing mat. Tagged runner goes at that moment across start timing mat. No hand-to-body tag necessary.

-> Three categories: male-male; female-female; mixed. Assuming numbers of teams in each category are roughly balanced, each category will be run as a separate race of up to 30 teams.

-> To match OHA and Bend-LaPine safety guidance, all school teams will need to adhere to a location and time schedule with athlete arrival, warm-up, warm-down, and departure.

-> The course is a mix of grass, dirt/gravel, and short pavement sections. 2-way road crossing of NW Crosby will be a “normal crosswalk crossing” requiring runners to yield to cars that do not voluntarily stop. Volunteers on both sides of road will slow/stop runners as necessary

Safety Areas Plan:

Within the fence of the PCMS track & ballfields complex is considered the “Stadium Area”. Only coaches and runners within the scheduled Race Block shall be within the complex fence per the schedule below.

The surrounding school parking lots, area multi-user paths, Pacific Crest Ballfields (if not occupied by other sport teams), and Discovery Park grass fields are all considered public areas where teams can have runners can warm-up, warm-down, and have a centralized “team spot”.

As soon as team pairs complete their race, both runners must gather personal items in the Stadium Area and depart ASAP. Warm-down must take place outside the Stadium Area.

Event Schedule:

9:30am — Block “A” team pairs enter Stadium Area for warm-up.

10am — Race Block “A” start (Boys Relay)

11am — Projected final finish of Block “A” race, Block “B” team pairs enter Stadium Area.

11:30am — Race Block “B” start (Girls Relay)

12:15pm — Projected final finish of Block “B” race, Block “C” team pairs enter Stadium Area.

12:30pm — Race Block “C” start (Mixed Relay and “overflow” teams if necessary)

1:30pm — Projected final finish of Block “C” race

XC Week 2: 3/1-3/7

We had a great first week of practice, with some great workouts and awesome attitudes. Everyone brought their A game to practices and did exactly what they needed to do the first week. Now we head into Race Week! It’s hard to believe, but we actually have a race this week. It will be a fun and low-key rust buster for us to get used to racing again. The meet will be Saturday 3/6 at Summit High School and will be a morning race. On Ahtletic.net it is labeled as a 10am start but I know there will be a more specific race day schedule for the meet eventually.

Our race schedule for the season is up on Athletic.net.  https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/School.aspx?SchoolID=263 

Below is our practice schedule for the week. Please remember to bring warm clothes. It is colder than you think!



Monday 3/1Mountain View @3:30pm

Tuesday 3/2- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Wednesday 3/3- Mountain View @3:30pm

Thursday 3/4- Pine Nursery @3:30pm

Friday 3/5- Mountain View @3:30pm

Saturday 3/6- Race Day @Summit 



Please don’t forget to communicate if you are going to miss practice. I’m using a much more lenient attendance policy this season, mainly because this is a weird year, and we all have a lot going on right now. If you know you are going to miss practice, just reach out and let me know.

Let’s have another awesome week of XC, and let’s continue to take advantage of the time we’ve been given! See you soon!

Go Cougs!

MVXC Week 1: 2/22-28- Practice Schedule and Important Info

Hey everyone,

Our first practice is right around the corner! So, I just wanted to outline the practice schedule and locations for the week. Practices will start at 3:30pm and will typically end around 5pm.

We have Pine Nursery reserved for the team to use for practices during the season, so we will be meeting there or Mountain View depending on the day/workout. Checkout the schedule below and make note of the practice locations.

Practice Schedule Week 1

Monday 2/22- Mountain View @3:30pm

Tuesday 2/23- Pine Nursery Park @3:30pm (meet at picnic shelter)

Wednesday 2/24- Mountain View @3:30pm

Thursday 2/25- Pine Nursery @3:30pm (picnic shelter)

Friday 2/26- Pine Nursery @3:30pm (picnic shelter)


Other important items before practices start


I am really looking forward to getting the team back together and to finally say we have made it to the Cross Country season! This will be a quick season, so let’s bring our best effort and attitude to every practice and make this season count!

I’ll be sending out more in-depth details on the season itself soon, but just wanted to focus on this first week to start out. See you all soon!


Go Cougs!

MVXC Season 2!

Hello MVXC crew!

I hope you have all had a good winter so far and have been able to get out and enjoy the snow a bit.

I wanted to update you all on our XC season and what it looks like as of right now. Our official season will start on February 22nd and will go through early April. We will plan on having practices every day starting at 4pm and end 5:15-30pm. It will be a bit of a challenge with the early sunsets, but we will just have to be efficient in that time frame. If we can make it work, It is possible Wednesday practices could start earlier with that being an early release day.

Meets- Currently, all of the Central Oregon coaches are working together to come up with a meet schedule that works for everyone and follows the guidelines put in place. The competitions will have a number cap for each race, so we are limited on how big the races can be right now. With Covid numbers starting to decline, hopefully we will see our meet options get better and have the opportunity to have bigger competitions. I will post a meet schedule once we finalize it with the other coaches. 

What can you do right now? I know a lot of you have bee doing Nordic and are still in season, which is great! If you are not doing Nordic and have not been running. Now is the time to start getting the legs moving again and get some easy aerobic miles in. That way when you show up for practice in late February, you wont spend the first few weeks feeling sore and out of shape. So start running easy mileage now just on feel, but be careful with the snow an ice! Try and find places that clear paths to run on. Maybe think about getting some traction for your shoes like Yaktraks or screws for your shoes (which you can get installed at FootZone). We don’t want to get injured before the season starts, so be smart and safe!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get the crew back together and get some races in! It is going to be a very interesting season with it being in late winter, but we have to be thankful for having this opportunity at all. You have all put in some great training from July through the fall, and those miles don’t just disappear. Let’s be ready to take advantage of this condensed XC season and see what we can accomplish! I will be in touch with more season details as they are solidified. Talk to you soon!