XC Spring Break Training

We ended the week with a strong showing out at Black Butte Ranch. There were some lifetime 5k PRs set, and a lot of season bests on the day. Even more impressive was how both teams raced as a unit. The girls team ran away with a strong and convincing 2nd place finish, and the boys finished 4th but only a few places off of 2nd. Overall, we are moving in the direction we want to be. In a short and condensed season, improvement week to week is impressive.

Clash in the Cascades Meet Results: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/188623/results

We will not be meeting as a team for spring break, but that doesn’t mean training stops. Please do your best to follow the training plan posted below. I want everyone to be able to do fun things and have family time, while still being able to get the training in. If you have any questions about the workouts please reach out to me! This week is a great opportunity to recharge mentally and physically, while still keeping our fitness high and staying sharp. I hope you all have an awesome spring break!

Spring Break Training

Monday 3/22- 30-45 minutes easy-moderate run. 6 Strides after run.

Tuesday 3/23– 10×1 minute hill repeats @race effort. 5x30sec hill sprints. 15 minute warm-up and cool-down.

Wednesday 3/24– 30-40 minutes Recovery run. Go by feel, listen to your body!

Thursday 3/25– 30-40 minutes easy-moderate run. 4 Strides after run.

Friday 3/26– Speed play workout: 3min-2min-1min-1min-2min-3min @race pace with 90 seconds rest in between each rep. Follow workout with 6×30 seconds fast to mimic finishing kick! 10 minute warm-up and cool-down.

Saturday/Sunday– Take one day off. Longer run for the other. 40-60mintues easy. If you’re feeling tired don’t force it, go with the shorter option.