XC Week #10 10/21-10/27

We left Warner Pacific with some hardware, lots of PRs and overall fantastic performances all around on a sloppy course in Portland. Everyone raced with confidence and were relaxed heading into the meet, which is exactly what we want to see this time of the season as we head towards our conference meet on November 2nd!

This week is all about putting the finishing touches on our training and race routines before we head into championship race week. We have to stay focused keep doing the little things if we want to be at our best and achieve our goals on race day.

See below for highlights from Warner Pacific and this week’s schedule.

Results from Warner Pacifichttps://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/157379/results

  • JV Girls Bronze- Team Champions with 35 points

The JV girls placed 6 runners in the top 20! Sophia Gonzalez took the win starting the day out strong. Amelia Hartman-Warr (8th), Kinsey Olarrea (10th), Peyten Roberts (11th), Annika Goff (13th), Hai Xing Lewis (18th)

  • JV Boys Bronze- Team Champions with 30 points

The JV Boys placed 7 runners in the top 20! Levi Pichardo won the race with Zach Bergler coming in 2nd for the 1-2 punch. Walte Marquez (6th), Joel Tranby (9th), Brady Pfeiffer (13th), Ben Clawson (15th), Derek Martin (16th)

  • Varsity Girls Bronze- 4th place with 117 points

Olivia Carpenter placed 14th earning top 20 honors. Emily Moore, Bailey Kamperman and Brooke Cummings all placed in the top 30!

  • Varsity Boys Bronze- Team Champions with 82 points

The Varsity Boys placed 5 in the top 30. Chase Schermer(5th), Cole Shockey (14th) and Jack Creech (17th) all earned top 20 honors. Kyle Swenson (21st) and Max Lehr (30th) rounded out scoring in the top 30.


PRs/Season Bests from Warner Pacific

  • Kyle Swenson- 17:50.4 PR
  • Max Lehr- 18:00.2 SB
  • Bailey Kamperman- 21:42.3 SB
  • Brooke Cummings- 21:44.9 SB
  • Shella May Crafton- 22:18 PR
  • Nathan Robbins- 18:26 PR
  • Zach Bergler- 18:59.3 PR
  • Sophia Gonzalez- 23:00.5 SB
  • Annika Goff- 25:31.7 SB
  • Tyler Beecroft- 36:00.4 SB
  • Walter Marquez- 19:35.1 PR
  • Joel Tranby- 19:40.3 SB
  • Ben Clawson- 20:03 PR
  • Derek Martin- 20:03.7 SB
  • Paul Shilling- 21:34.9 SB
  • Nathaniel Diamond- 21:50.1 SB
  • Andrew Rossi- 22:42.3 PR
  • Paolo Aragon- 22:46.3 PR
  • Wyatt Brooker- 22:53.3 PR
  • Aiden Seerley- 23:25.8 PR

Practice Schedule

Monday 10/21- 4pm @Mtn View. Recovery run. Strength Circuit

Tuesday 10/22- 4pm @Mtn View. Workout day.

Wednesday 10/23-4pm @Mtn View. Recovery day. Team Fun Run

Thursday 10/24- 4pm @Mtn View. Aerobic Run. Quality strides

Friday 10/25-No School -Meet at 8:30am @Pine Nursery. Inter-squad 2 mile.

Saturday 10/26- 9:30am @Shevlin Park- Team Long Run

Sunday 10/27- Rest Day