Week Two of Official Practices 8/22-8/28

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who were able to make it to the first week of official practices. We’re going to continue this week to make sure we’re ramping up a bit while still thinking about each athletes current fitness. The main workouts this week will focus on getting a bit more speed endurance in and continued emphasis on strength. If you’re going to miss practices, please make sure you communicate with either Coach McClatchie or Coach Young. The Athletic department is putting an emphasis on athletes being responsible and accountable for showing up and we’re being asked to take attendance.

If you are not cleared to practice (at least Family ID and Physical) you can’t come to practice. Please make sure you get these done as quickly as possible. As we get closer to the season, you won’t be cleared to race until the Pay-to-Play is taken care of.

This week’s workouts:

Monday 8/22 – 10am @ MV. Long Run with 2 x 5min at tempo pace with 2 min recovery between. 30-70 minutes total. Strides & core when back.

Tuesday 8/23 – 10am @ MV. Easy run 20-40min.

Sunset Hike Night!! This is completely optional, and just a fun activity that you can participate in if you’re up for a hard hike. Coaches can’t organize carpooling, but the plan is to meet at the Black Crater Trailhead¬†at 6pm. The trail is about 7 miles round trip. BRING water, a snack and a headlamp. We’ll plan on hiking (it’s steep in parts, so be ready to sweat), but if you want to try and walk/jog it, you can try. The plan is to be up there for the last 20-30min of sunset, then head back down as soon as the sun sets at 7:58pm. It will take about an hour to hike back down, so anticipate driving back from Sisters in the dark and getting back to Bend around 10pm. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join if they’d like. If they don’t want to hike, but instead head up to Dee Wright observatory or just drive some of the pass, that’s a great option as well.

Wednesday 8/24 – 10am @ MV. Easy run 20-40 min. Stretching and core when back.

Thursday 8/25 – 10am @ MV. Hard workout & Strength.

Friday 8/26 – 10am @ Phil’s Trailhead longish easy run. Bring a handheld water bottle if you have one and water regardless as there isn’t water out there. If you need a ride, make sure to connect with a teammate sometime throughout the week to get it arranged. Coaches can’t facilitate carpooling.

    1. Easy & Short Route: Marvin’s Garden to Gravel Road to Phil’s Trail and back to trailhead.


2. 4-Mile Medium Route: Ben’s Trail to M.T.B. to Kent’s back to trailhead.

3. Shorter Hard Route: Ben’s Trail to KGB to Phil’s back to trailhead.


4. Hard Route: Ben’s Trail to All of KGB to Marvin’s Garden back to trailhead.


Saturday 8/28 – Easy Run on own or with teammates or friends.

Sunday – Rest, eat, hydrate.