Summer XC Week 2

It was so great to see everyone on Thursday and to get this season rolling! Thank you all for making the pod situation painless and fun. Based on the names that were created on the spot for each pod, I’d say we are going to have fun with it this season for sure! As we get new faces at each practice we will add athletes to pods that have spots to fill. Once we have all 6 groups filled we will create another group. 

Moving on to this week, we will have a practice on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am. Below is the practice info along with a general training plan for the other days we are not running together. As I mentioned on Thursday, we are starting off with 2 days a week as a group to see how it goes. We will hopefully move forward with adding days as things progress. For now, it is important that you get some miles in on the days we don’t meet. Hopefully this training plan gives you an idea of what to shoot for. If you are just starting to train, please listen to your body and take these first few weeks easy to give your body time to adapt. 

Just a reminder to bring a signed waiver to practice if you are starting this week! Covid-19 Activities & Sports Particpation Agreement v3

Looking forward to see you all again this week!

Monday 7/13– 25-45 minutes easy on your own. 4 Light strides.

Tuesday 7/14-  Mountain View @8:00am. Light turnover workout with warm-up and cool-down.

Wednesday 7/15- 30-40 minutes easy recovery run.

Thursday 7/16- Big Sky Park @8:00am. Moderate aerobic run with distance options. Strides.

Friday 7/17- Easy run by feel. 30-45 minutes.

Sat/Sun- Rest one day. Long easy run the other day. 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on where you’re at.


Go Cougs!