Mid-Week Update –

Hey Team –

Given that its the beginning of the season there is a lot going on and I had some information I wanted to shared that warranted a mid-week email.  Here are a few items:

  1. Fall Sports Parent Meeting – There is a fall sports parent meeting from 6-6:30 in the Mountain View Auditorium tomorrow (Tuesday 8/16) followed by a team specific meeting in the West Gym.  If you have been reading the team emails you have all the team specific information but you may find the session in the auditorium useful if you’re new to Mountain View as that is presented by the Athletic Director.  I won’t be at the follow-up meeting but Monty’s got this covered.
  2. Team Shirt Order – We are placing an order for team hoody sweat shirts and your order needs to be in by Thursday 8/24 if you want one.  To pay go to Touchbase (see instructions below for WFR) and select the option for team shirt.  They are $30. Once you pay email me the size you’d like me to order.  We will have a sample at practice later this week to help you choose sizing.
  3. Washington Family Ranch – September 8-10.  WRF is coming up fast and we need you to register by 8/25 and turn in a waiver by emailing scanned copy or bring to practice (see attachment).  If you are a parent interested in helping with driving or working on the kitchen crew during the weekend we can use more help.  We currently have the following parents signed up to help: David Tranby, James Goff, Rois & Julie Cannon, Alison Backstrom, Mel Davis, Tasha McFarland, Melissa Hassell.   If something has changed and you can no longer help please let me know!
    Pay Camp Fee at https://touchbase.bend.k12.or.us/

    User Name: Student ID Number
    Password: Last Name w/1st letter capitalized
    Select Washington Family Ranch
    Enter Payment Amount
          $60 per athlete
          Extra payment will help cover cost of athletes that can’t afford this fee

  4. Footzone Spike Nights – Footzone is a huge supporter of local high school cross country and have spike nights scheduled for 8/19, 8/20, and 8/30 in which all athletes are offered a 20% discount on all shoes and spikes.  You can also go in any day and receive a 10% discount by mentioning you’re a high school athlete.
  5. Team Uniforms – We will be handing out team uniforms at practice on Thursday of next week during practice.  You must be registered and cleared to practice to receive a uniform.  We have really nice, really expensive, and really cool uniforms that were purchased last year.  Please stress to your student the importance of taking care of these and not losing them.  Students will be fined for any uniforms that are lost or damaged.
  6. Apoc-Eclipse – The eclipse is coming up on 8/21 and the District has made a decision to cancel all high school sports and activities on that day.  We will have no practice.  Stay safe!
Kikitykee Go Coug XC!