2017 Season – Week #9

Hey Team,

Great job this week at practice!  We are picking up the intensity and mileage and you are handling it great.  We especially appreciate the hard effort many of you put into the workouts on Wednesday and Friday!  This Saturday will be our first race at Breese Ranch, but we will be training through it so don’t worry if you aren’t feeling ready or are tired after the last couple weeks.  Our focus is on the end of the season.  Here are some important announcements for the week!

Breese Ranch

Our first race is this Saturday at Breese Ranch in Prineville.  Please meet at the Mountain View bus loop at 7:30 AM to catch the bus.  I expect we will be back at Mountain View for pickup at 12:30 PM.  The girls race is at 9:00 AM and the boys are at 9:40.  There is a community race at 10:00 for any parents interested in participating.  The course starts on a pasture and at 1/4 mile crosses a large creek and follows a dirt road to a flood irrigated pasture for some wet running. At the 3/4 miles the course starts a 3/4 mile up hill grind on a cattle trail to the halfway point of the race. From this point on it is downhill to the same wet pasture, stream crossing and follows a dirt road to the finish.  Parents interested in watching or participating in the community race can drive there by traveling through Prineville and proceeding 1 mile east of town on US 26.  There will be signs on the right side of the road for Breese Ranch.

Pasta Feed –

We have a team pasta feed Friday evening right after practice at Mallory Roberts House at 62610 Bunchgrass Pl.  We will carpool athletes that can’t drive from Drake Park to save parents some trouble.  The Roberts will be providing pasta but please bring the following:

Freshmen – Bread

Sophomore – Drinks

Juniors – Salad

Seniors – Desert

Team Registration – The following athletes are cleared to participate in practices and races.  If your name is not on the list please contact the athletic office to determine what you are missing.  Full instructions for registration are available on the athletics web page at https://www.bend.k12.or.us/mountainview/student-life/athletics


Athletics Welcome to Mountain View High Athletics! Students will find a connection to athletic activities in which they can participate and find enjoyment during …

Alevizos, Helios (9)
Backstrom, Tyler (9)
Beecroft, Tyler (10)
Berler, Zachary (9)
Bolen, Evan (10)
Buckmaster, Drake (11)
Cannon, Nate (11)
Choffel, Riley (10)
Cordell, Max (9)
Crafton, Shella May (9)
Cummings, Brooke (10)
Davis, Lamar (9)
Davis, Sydney (11)
Edgerton, Nolan (11)
Gill, Meagan (9)
Goff, Annika (9)
Goff, Wyatt (11)
Gonzalez, Gabriel (9)
Hackbart, Lillian (9)
Harris, Jayden (11)
Hartman-Warr, Amelia (9)
Hassell, Forrest (10)
Henry, Adam (9)
Henry, Fiona (9)
Jacobson, Elizabeth (12)
Johnson, Preston (10)
Katz, Anya (12)
Koker, Noah (11)
Lane, William (10)
Lehr, Maxwell (10)
Loyd, Emma (9)
McBride, Lauryn (11)
McFarland, Matheson (10)
Mckee, Samuel (9)
Miller, Chloe (11)
Miller, Peyton (9)
Moore, Emily (9)
Olarrea, Quinn (12)
Oubari, Karam (11)
Pfeil, Kevin(12)
Phillips, Carson (9)
Pichardo, Levi (10)
Piper, Tristan (9)
Priest, Carmen (12)
Ramsey, Elida (12)
Robbins, Carsen (11)
Roberts, Mallory (12)
Santaguida, Cody (9)
Schendel, Gabriel (9)
Schumacher, Michael (11)
Shilling, Paul (9)
Shores, Alexis (10)
Smith, Mckenna (10)
Sparks, Kyla (10)
Strauder, Kyanna (10)
Swenson, Kelsey (11)
Tomlinson, Ellie (9)
Tranby, Joel (10)
Vann, Madison (11)

Team Uniforms – We will be handing out team uniforms at practice on Thursday during practice.  You must be registered and cleared to receive a uniform.  We have really nice, really expensive, and really cool uniforms that were purchased last year.  Please stress to your student the importance of taking care of these and not losing them.  Students will be fined for any uniforms that are lost or damaged.

Footzone Spike Nights – Footzone is a huge supporter of local high school cross country and have spike nights scheduled for 8/20 (Today!), and 8/30 in which all athletes are offered a 20% discount on all shoes and spikes.  You can also go in any day and receive a 10% discount by mentioning you’re a high school athlete.

Washington Family Ranch – September 8-10.  WRF is coming up fast and we need you to register by 8/25 and turn in a waiver by emailing scanned copy or bring to practice (see attachment).  If you are a parent interested in helping with driving or working on the kitchen crew during the weekend we can use more help.  We currently have the following parents signed up to help: David Tranby, Rois & Julie Cannon, Alison Backstrom, Mel Davis, Tasha McFarland, Melissa Hassell.   If something has changed and you can no longer help please let me know!  We have the following athletes signed up to attend as of Friday: Helios, Tyler Backstrom, Nolan, Forrest, Adam, William, Max L, Lauryn, Chisel, Carson P, Elida, Gabe Schendel.

  1. Pay Camp Fee at https://touchbase.bend.k12.or.us/


    For Parents: User Name is Student ID Number Password is Student’s Last Name – Password is case sensitive For NON-Parents (Guest Users)*: Please CLICK HERE to create …

                      User Name: Student ID Number
                      Password: Last Name w/1st letter capitalized
                      Select Washington Family Ranch
                      Enter Payment Amount
                                        $60 per athlete
                                        Extra payment will help cover cost of athletes that can’t afford this fee

Team Shirt Order – We are placing an order for team hoody sweat shirts and your order needs to be in by Thursday 8/24 if you want one.  To pay go to Touchbase (see instructions below for WFR) and select the option for team shirt.  They are $30. Once you pay email me the size you’d like me to order.  We will have a sample at practice later this week to help you choose sizing.  The following athletes have paid for a shirt as of Friday: Helios, Tyler Backstrom, Lauryn, Chisel, Lexi.

Our team captains are also organizing a purchase of shirts that will be tie dyed as a team.  Please give a team captain $10 by 8/24 if you’d like to get one of these shirts.

Girls Night – Our girls team is hosting a girls only night at Anya Katz’s house at 2927 NE Yellow Ribbon Drive.  Unlike past years, there will be NO CONTACT with the boys team.  Any boys that are caught having contact with the girls team or showing up at Anya’s house will be suspended from the team.  Please bring a sleeping pad & sleeping bag.  Snacks and drinks to share with the group would be appreciated!  There is limited parking available so please carpool with others and leave the spots in front of Anya’s house available for senior girls who are transporting gear.  Mallory, Carmen, Elida, Eliza and Anya will be able to carpool athletes after practice on Wednesday.

Practice This Week – Meet at 3:15.  Practice over at 5:30 except Tuesday (5:45)
MondayNo practice due to the Eclipse.

Tuesday – Meet at Mountain View at 3:15 PM. Run to Pine Nursery (1-2 Loops) & Strength Workout at MV. We will have a guest speaker from Rebound Physical Therapy talking about injuries and injury prevention.  This talk will be near the end of the practice and may go until 5:45

Wednesday – Meet at Drake Park at 3:15 PM.  Run to COCC Track for a Michigan Workout.  Girls night afterward!

Thursday – Meet at Mountain View at 3:15 PM.  Boys will run PB base trail (Optional Summit Trail Addition) while girls get uniforms and then swap.

Friday – Meet at Drake Park at 3:15 PM.  Run to Juniper Park for Team Meeting & Frisbee

Saturday – Breese Ranch!

Sunday – Rest Day