Nate Cannon 

From elementary school, the allure of running great distances has captivated me (even if it took me half the school year to complete a marathon). Later I took up cross country and track (400m, 800m, 4x400m, and occasionally 3k, 1500m for laughs and giggles) from middle school through high school. On my own time, I would take to the roads or trails all across Bend to run unprepared for the audacious distances I would end up covering. After graduating, running became my method of acclimating to the new cities I would move to, leading ultimately to me competing in two marathons in the Willamette Valley with more to come. When I’m not running, I’m a baker at Thump. I camp, hike, kayak, bike, and generally engage my curiosity with crosswords, books, and researching topics capriciously.